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Yes, we started early with the topic. It is clear that we could not avoid the temptation to resort to one of the ubiquitous elements of publications: the list of 10 Golf History Movies. 

To begin with, we want to address an issue that, overall, has gone unnoticed so far, possibly because of the limited impact they have had on golf movies when compared with those devoted to other sports. Although there are a large number of movies with scenes of memorable golf (like the wonderful confusion between Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn in Bringing Up Baby, or allegorical and lonely scenes starring Bill Murray in Lost in Translation or Will Smith in I am legend ), there are few films focused on our beloved sport. Here is a list, needless to say, extremely subjective, of which we consider best:

10. The Caddy – Golf Practice

the-caddy 10+ Best Golf Movies of all time - Golf History - tinoshare.comThis innocent musical comedy, directed by Norman Taurog effective craftsman, no longer a vehicle for showcasing Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin. As you would expect there are many misunderstandings, hilarious situations and songs, one of which ( That’s a more ) was nominated for an Oscar and has been used countless times. In addition, it also features the inspiring presence of Donna Reed ( What a Wonderful Life ). It paid off in almost all large surfaces, it is a must buy for all fans of sitcoms and golf, although the translation leaves something to be desired.

Guest stars: Ben Hogan, Sam Snead, Byron Nelson, Julius Boros, Jimmy Thompson, Harry Cooper.



9. Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius

bobby-jones-stroke-of-genius 10+ Best Golf Movies of all time - Golf History - tinoshare.comAnother case of film with great potential and an attractive cast that stays little. Despite the presence of effective Jim Caviezel as Bobby Jones and charismatic Jeremy Northam as Walter Hagen, this biopic of the best amateur golfer in history has tics TV movie with pretensions, the classic New Releases TV Sunday afternoon and little chicha, deep in Honduras melodramatic and frightful obstacles. Caviezel interpretive effort after getting off the cross recognizes Passion of Christ, though it is painful to see your golf swing, especially when compared with the original great swing Jones.


8. Follow the sun

follow-the-sun 10+ Best Golf Movies of all time - Golf History - tinoshare.comThis biography of Ben Hogan starring Glenn Ford and Anne Baxter had all the elements to be a classic, but it was far from it. Focusing on his relationship with his wife Valerie, the film becomes the archetypal story of love and overcoming (especially after the serious car accident Hogan), but barely manages to convey the grandeur and charisma of this player. Curiously, in the film several rivals of the era, including Jimmy Demaret and Cary Middlecoff, and is considered the dean of American journalists golf, Grantland Rice appear. However, it lets see if we disconnect our critical sense.

Guest stars: Jimmy Demaret, Cary Middlecoff, Sam Snead.

7. Dead solid perfect

dead_solid_perfect_10+ Best Golf Movies of all time - Golf History - tinoshare.comDespite being the favorite film of John Daly golf, this film made for television HBO it has not come brand new in our country and has not even been looking out for our channels. Nevertheless, it has a good number of followers and has become a cult film, thanks to a solid script in which the misadventures of a journeyman golf with alcohol problems are narrated (it is understood that Daly sits identified) that aims to make a living on the PGA Tour. Randy Quaid is more than correct in his role as Kenny Lee also appears always effective Jack Warden. And if there is any fan of electronic music and krautrock , the soundtrack is Tangerine Dream (ug!).

Guest stars: Peter Jacobsen, Mac O’Grady, Bob Harrison.

6. Gilmore (Happy Gilmore)

gilmore-happy-gilmore 10+ Best Golf Movies of all time - Golf History - tinoshare.comThe hilarious story of a hockey player who finishes on the PGA Tour thanks to his unorthodox and powerful swing is a worthy heir to the Caddyshack (Caddyshack) and has quickly become one of the favorite movies of all golfers. The jokes are often just as uncouth that the swing of the protagonist, played by Adam Sandler histrionic, but met its goal and is impossible to resist a smile throughout the film (and even drop a couple of laughter). It is far from being a work of art and essay, but perfectly fulfills its function: entertains and offers a great excuse to swallow another film course.

Guest stars: Lee Trevino, Mark Lye.


5. Tin Cup

tin_cup-caratula 10+ Best Golf Movies of all time - Golf History - tinoshare.comDespite the patina of romantic comedy centered on the relationship between Roy McAvoy (Kevin Costner) and psychologist Molly Griswold (Rene Russo), possibly Tin Cup is the movie most dent has been made in the collective imagination of golfers, play or not. Who has not had his moment of obfuscation Tin Cup on a golf course? Who has not been identified with the suffering of McAvoy before the final blow? The address is provided by Ron Shelton, a craftsman specializing in romantic comedies with sports dyes ( White Men Can not Jump, Bull Durham ), which meets in its work without too many stylistic flourishes. In the film former professional and commentator Gary McCord, who during a tournament suffered the story that inspired the film resolution appears.

Guest stars: Craig Stadler, Fred Couples, Peter Jacobsen, Ken Venturi, Corey Pavin, Phil Mickelson, Jerry Pate, Lee Janzen, Billy Mayfair, Steve Elkington, John Cook, Andrew Magee, Jeff Maggert, DA Weibring, Blaine McAllister, Tom Purtzer Bruce Lietzke, Tommy Armour III, Jim McLean, Amy Alcott, Johnny Miller.


4. The Caddyshack

10+ Best Golf Movies of all time - Golf History - tinoshare.comThe debut of the great Harold Ramis ( Analyze This , Groundhog Day ) is a monument to coarse humor in which Chevy Chase and Bill Murray, who at that time triumphed in the Saturday Night LiveUS, they felt like fish in the Water. Despite its crudeness and I never thought I’d like a movie came out the cargante Rodney Dangerfield, this lightweight comedian whose action focuses on a golf club has become a classic and contains memorable scenes (and a song of Journey on the soundtrack! band). Again, do not expect to find on the shelves of auteur cinema.


3. The Legend of Bagger Vance

10+ Best Golf Movies of all time - Golf History - tinoshare.comRannulph Junuh, a traumatized war veteran, returns to his hometown after 15 years and circumstances conspire to make ends facing the two best golfers of the time: Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen. With the help of Bagger Vance, a mysterious caddy could be the perfect synthesis of Bob Rotella, Jos Vanthispout and the Dalai Lama, Junuh (played by the always effective Matt Damon) gets his swing and at the same time, the will to live . Like many other works by Robert Redford, the film is tinged with a certain “buenismo” although the underlying optimism palls.


2. Greatest Game Ever Played

the-greatest-game-ever-played 10+ Best Golf Movies of all time - Golf History - tinoshare.comBased on the book by Mark Frost spectacular, which will post a review soon, this film Bill Paxton probably the best golf movie “pure” of all that we reflect on this list. After demonstrating his talent behind the camera in the disquieting Shiver (which I also recommend, although it has nothing to do with golf), Paxton Mimbres advantage of this story based on real events: the match played at the US Open. UU. 1913 between amateur Francis Ouimet and his idol, Harry Vardon, the first major international golf star and blame for the spread of the sport in the US. UU. Paxton avoid the easy temptation to fall into the topic of David against Goliath and directs with great pulse, benefited from the screenplay by the author of the book itself and the great performance of the young Shia LaBeouf and Stephen Dillane as Vardon. Absolutely essential.


1. Pat and Mike

10+ Best Golf Movies of all time - Golf History - tinoshare.comGeorge Cukor, Katharine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy … If these ingredients, we add the great script of Ruth Gordon and Garson Kanin, an Oscar nominee, we have the recipe for a great movie. Cukor, Hepburn and Tracy repeated three years after the great success of Adam’s rib, and although this film is not as bright as the above, it is still a magnificent work. Hepburn demonstrates, once again, an indomitable spirit, a great style with golf clubs and come face to face with the best player ever, nothing more and nothing less than Didrikson Zaharias Babe. A whole classic.

Guest stars: Babe Didrikson Zaharias, Betty Hicks, Beverly Hanson, Helen Dettweiler.


What do you think the selection?