10 Best Pregnancy Apps that Will Help You Track & Care Your Lovely Baby

Are you a going to be a mother? Or maybe you are in a pregnancy period? Well, congratulations. You are/going to carry a hero in your stomach. Being pregnant is a great news for you and your husband. Just quick reminder that pregnancy can be a very nerve wracking time, especially to a new mothers.

You must be having a lot of questions such : How should I calculate pregnancy? What food should I eat and which should I avoid? Can I exercise without endangering my cute little baby? Or if you are about to get pregnant then you might be asking: What are the pregnancy symptoms? What are an early sighs of pregnancy? How to use pregnancy test? What are the things that I need to pack for hospital?.. Well, you are very lucky to be here in this site because I have prepared the best applications that you can use on your mobile and they will help you even with a very small things. Right in here you can download these 10 pregnancy apps with their best wealth of tools and information that will help you to schedule for visiting doctor, track and ofcours answer all your questions. Please check and comment below which are you were looking for.

10 Best Pregnancy Apps

iPregnant Pregnancy Tracker Deluxe

iPregnant Pregnancy Tracker Deluxe 10-best-pregnancy-apps-that-will-help-you-track-care-your-lovely-baby-2
iPregnant Pregnancy Tracker Deluxe 10-best-pregnancy-apps-that-will-help-you-track-care-your-lovely-baby-2

Brought to you by the creators of iPeriod®, iPregnant™ is a complete solution for tracking your pregnancy! No need for multiple apps any longer with iPregnant!

Experience the ultimate in pregnancy tracking with iPregnant. With more than 5 years of experience in women’s health tracking, Winkpass Creations delivers a high-tech, sleek, easy-to-use solution!

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WebMD Pregnancy

(iOS) (Free)

WebMD Pregnancy 10-best-pregnancy-apps-that-will-help-you-track-care-your-lovely-baby-2
WebMD Pregnancy 10-best-pregnancy-apps-that-will-help-you-track-care-your-lovely-baby-2

WebMD Pregnancy is a FREE app from WebMD that delivers trusted health information to expectant moms as well as fun features and tools. Whenever. Wherever. Online or offline. Whether you’re trying to conceive or preparing for your special day, WebMD can help.

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Baby Names

Baby Names 10-best-pregnancy-apps-that-will-help-you-track-care-your-lovely-baby-2

American Baby and Sevenlogics Inc. proudly bring you Baby Names! Find the perfect baby name with this FREE app. Packed with more than 30,000 names, Baby Names makes it fun and simple to:

● See a name’s meaning, pronunciation, gender, and origin
● Check how popular any name (including your own) was for any year back to 1880
● Search by name, gender, origin or any of those criteria (and even by initial)
● Save and rate your favorite names
● Sort your favorites by gender, date, spelling and your ratings
● Share names by e-mail and Facebook
● See a map view of any name’s origin

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MommyMeds / InfantRisk Center HCP

MommyMeds InfantRisk Center HCP 10-best-pregnancy-apps-that-will-help-you-track-care-your-lovely-baby

The InfantRisk Center mobile resource developed by the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center’s InfantRisk Center gives health care providers fast, convenient access to up-to-date and evidence-based information about prescription and non-prescription medications and their safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

After purchasing the app, you will have a free 1 year subscription to the information. After one year, you will have to resubscribe.

Features of the app include:
– Reliable safety ratings and other information on more than 20,000 drugs, syndromes and other products.
– Search capabilities that allow users to enter product name and/or sort by category to obtain product safety information and indicate if that product is safe for use.
– Major lists of appropriate drugs for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers for various conditions (headache, nausea, allergies)

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Pregnancy++ 10-best-pregnancy-apps-that-will-help-you-track-care-your-lovely-baby-2

Want to see beautiful, interactive images for every week of your pregnancy? Join more than 4 million users who already use this Pregnancy App to follow their pregnancy.

Our Pregnancy+ App can also be personalized for dads, grandparents and other family members.

Many happy parents and healthcare providers find this App easy to use and very informative.

Everything you need in one Pregnancy App!

– DAILY pregnancy info
– Color and scan images
– Personal diary
– Personal weight log
– Log doctor appointments
– Diet, exercise and labor info
– Kick counter
– Contraction timer
– Baby shopping list
– 1000s Baby names
– Baby size guide
– Pregnancy week by week info

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BabyBump Pregnancy Pro

BabyBump Pregnancy Pro 10-best-pregnancy-apps-that-will-help-you-track-care-your-lovely-baby-2

BabyBump is a comprehensive pregnancy app that keeps soon-to-be parents informed about their pregnancy progress and enables tracking and sharing the experience with family and friends. Mothers can view a regularly updated daily and weekly calendar that illustrates their baby’s development and the changes to their body also providing health tips. A journal allows you to record symptoms, thoughts, mood and other notes, while a contraction and kick tracker allows you to log your baby’s activity. Users can also use the integrated forums to get in touch with other parents around the world to compare notes and share their experiences. A baby name generator, photo manager and online shop are among the other app features.

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Who’s Your Daddy

Who's Your Daddy 10-best-pregnancy-apps-that-will-help-you-track-care-your-lovely-baby-2

Title chuckles aside, Who’s Your Daddy is a iOS pregnancy companion app that’s aimed not at expectant moms, but dads. Who’s Your Daddy comes with many of the same tools in popular pregnancy trackers, such as weekly updates, a pregnancy timeline, daily tips, a hospital bag checklist, a baby name generator and contraction counter. It also offers some light-hearted humour written by men for men (with the aid of qualified midwives). Armed with plain language, disarming humour, and a variety of helpful tips.

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My Pregnancy Today

My Pregnancy Today 10-best-pregnancy-apps-that-will-help-you-track-care-your-lovely-baby-2

Expecting? Get the must-have pregnancy app for every parent-to-be. Brought to you by BabyCenter, the parenting resource trusted by over 100 million moms worldwide.

 My Pregnancy Today has been recommended by ABC News, Healthline, American Pregnancy, allParenting, and Pregnancy magazine.

Simply enter your baby’s due date and My Pregnancy Today will turn your phone into an expert guide for each day of your pregnancy.

Feel more prepared for your baby’s birth, and get the answers you need, whenever you need them.

My Pregnancy Today features:
• Pregnancy day by day: Learn how your body’s changing, what’s ahead, and how to cope
• Fetal development images: See in breathtaking detail what your baby looks like each week
• Award-winning videos: Watch babies grow in the womb, and see moms giving birth
• Bumpie photo tool: Take a selfie every week and see your beautiful bump grow
• Contraction timer: Time your contractions and we’ll calculate their length and time apart
• Baby registry: Find out what you need for your baby and personalize your registry checklist
• Wish list: Keep track of all the gear you’re thinking about in one place
• Kick tracker: Easily keep track of your baby’s movements
• Birth clubs: Connect with other moms-to-be due at the same time
• Countdown: Anticipate your big day with weekly notifications
• Due date calculator: Quickly determine your due date, if you don’t know it yet
• Search BabyCenter: Find the answers you need with our integrated search tool
• Birth preferences tool: Learn more about your options for labor and beyond

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