10 Best Quotes of Napoleon Hill, The Author Of Think and Grow Rich | Business Motivation

10 Best Quotes of Napoleon Hill, The Author Of Think and Grow Rich | Business Motivation - tinoshare.com
10 Best Quotes of Napoleon Hill, The Author Of Think and Grow Rich | Business Motivation - tinoshare.com

Napoleon Hill is the author of one of the best self-help books to achieve your financial goals and succeed in your purposes. “Think and Grow Rich” was one of the best selling books in history, despite being written at a time of Depression (1937). The purpose of Napoleon Hill, who became adviser to US President,Franklin D. Roosevelt was to find the key to wealth, where, after interviewing more than 500 men of the most successful, came they concluded that they all had something in common, while the rest of the people who did not reach success, they also had many things in common, including a very different way of thinking of successful men, so, Success, according to Hill, is in the form of thinking and acting.




I will be including the video and audio books of him and if you are serious on what you wish to learn, then I suggest you to have a cup of coffee and teach as you are going to learn more in this page

1. Leadership .

“Most great leaders have the capacity to be big fans. They became great leaders because they were intelligent followers. With very few exceptions, the man who can not follow an intelligent leader, rarely becomes an effective leader” .

2. Failure.

“Failure is a trickster with a keen sense of irony and cunning, who takes great delight when we stumbled being very close to success”

3. Vocation .

“The main weakness of educational systems it is not encourage the habit of fighting for a goal, an objective. It would be beneficial if universities do not allow the registration of a student, unless the student has clear what is your goal in life and therefore its objective in enrolling. “

4. On the views.

“Opinions are the cheapest products in the world. Everyone has a multitude of opinions. If you are influenced by the opinions when making decisions, rarely attain success in your career, in your business and in your own I desire to create wealth. “

5. Habits of wealth .

“The analysis of several hundred people who had accumulated fortunes well beyond the million-dollar mark, revealed that each had a habit of making decisions immediately, and changing these decisions slowly. People not accumulate money in their lives, without exception, they have the habit of making decisions slowly and change those decisions quickly and often. “

6. Impossibility.

“One of the main weaknesses of mankind I is the common man’s familiarity with theword impossible . He knows all the rules, and it will not work. He knows all the things that can not be done … Many years ago I bought a dictionary and the first thing I did was start the page where you received the word impossible. Doing so is a good start for anyone who wants to achieve their dreams. “

7. Start from the bottom?

“The idea of ​​starting from the bottom and work hard to get up to the top, okay, but the main objection to this is that many do not start from the bottom up head in his life not being called for the opportunity. You must also remember that the prospect of the bottom is not very bright or encouraging, so often, the tendency is to end our ambition. “

8. Thoughts.

“Actually, thoughts are things, and things are powerful when mixed with a definite purpose, persistence, and a burning desire”

9. Market.

US offers all the freedom and opportunity for any honest person can accumulate wealth, but when you go hunting, you must select the hunting grounds where game is plentiful.In the pursuit of wealth the same rule occurs “

10. Plans for the wealth and poverty.

“Wealth is produced in a natural way through well-conceived and carefully executed plans. Poverty, however, do not need any plan to achieve”


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