10 Ideas For Content Marketing – Unique and Effective Way

10 Ideas For Content Marketing - Unique and Effective Way - tinoshare.com
10 Ideas For Content Marketing - Unique and Effective Way - tinoshare.com

So today I want to share with you 10 ideas you can apply to your business in terms of content:

1. Less is more, it is not to generate content, but to create a content that is so useful and that generate the user a feeling of wanting to get another of your brand.

2. Diversify your content strategy, that is, integrating people who work with you in creating them, each providing information on what is good and how to make it more attractive and interesting.


3. Web series enterprise, more and more brands that create web series fiction, but why not create a real web series fictionalized on everyday of your company or certain processes?

4. Generate an ebook in 40 pages where you expose the knowledge of market-related to a value that is in your diaries. If you are a fashion, for example, you can create an ebook where you talk about the new trends in combinations of clothes and jewelry.

5. Throw a podcast, as you’ve written an ebook about something specific podcasting, create a channel with a frequency at least monthly news generated content talking about your industry, interviewing relevant people in it …

6. Analyze 50 top queries of your customers, and make a post on your blog, responding to each to each of them and in addition writing addtional tips on each.

7. Work on communicating your brand through unconventional press notes, looking storytelling that add value to your customer.

8. Make a market analysis on your industry, extracting information that is new and interesting to your audience.

9. Turning of the content of the ebook or market analysis in/to visual content, whether infographics, creations that highlight certain information …

10. Organize industry events where you talk about the evolution of the sector and commitment to coopetition, strangely enough, the competition to integrate your actions will improve the long-term.


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