10 Incredible Tips to Keep Negative Thoughts at Bay


You are disappointed. You feel dejected. Every time you think about doing something pessimism rushes into your mind and tuck your positive thoughts into an unbreakable cage.

Does it sound familiar? Has it ever happened to you?

I can see you nodding! Don’t worry! Here in this article, I am going to help you eliminate all your cynical attitudes.

So, are you ready to go on a trip with me to the world of optimism? Here you go!

Incredible Tips to Keep Negative Thoughts at Bay

I know how it feels like being dejected. I can understand how melancholic you are due to the negative thoughts that sprout from your mind all of a sudden.

The following are the tips, which hold my hands and brought me to the heaven of optimism from the cursed hell of pessimism.

#1. Be in the company of Positive People

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim John (Motivational Speaker)

I hope you understood the meaning. If you surround yourself with negative thinkers who always complain about what they don’t have, you are going to be like them.

On the contrary, you will find positivity in every aspect when all the people around you are happy and grateful for what they have.

#2. Hit that Play Button

Music has the magical power of healing. I always listen to good music whenever I feel like dejected.

I recommend the same way to you as well. First, you have to make a list of songs that motivate you. Then, create a playlist containing all of them.

There you go! Play it and wash out your negative thoughts.

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#3. Go Crazy

Now, you think I am crazy, don’t you?

Let me break it out for you. The anxiety and negative thoughts come to the top of our minds when we try to suppress them.

What if you allow it to come out? What if you let every single negative thought out?

The next time you feel anxiety. Just lock yourself out in your room, stand before the mirror and scream aloud. Let all your negative thoughts come out. {You may be answerable to your neighbors, though} ;)

#4. Your Office isn’t Your Home, Period.

Most people bring their family problems to their office and official issues to the home. If you want to step away from negative thoughts, you must eliminate both habits.

Are you kidding me? How can I not think about my family?

I know you think the same. Trust me; you can do it! I help you do that with the following tips.

And I want you to make one promise to me. So, repeat after me, ‘I always strive to be optimistic. I don’t have any benefits of keeping negative thought, neither do the people around me.’

#5. Give no Room to Pessimistic Thoughts

When you are busy doing the things you love, how on earth you get time to think negatively?

Yeah, that’s true. You might have heard the proverb ‘an idle brain is the devil’s workshop.’ It points to the fact that devil (symbolizes negativity) works in the minds of lazy people.

You think negatively when you have nothing else to do. Hence, make yourself busy always and stay out of the reach of the pessimistic devil.

#6. Pacify Yourself through Meditation

Do you know? Meditation is the perfect way to kick away negative thoughts.

I am not suggesting you to join a yoga class or a meditation session. You can practice it in your home without anyone’s help.

All you have to do is just focusing on your breath. Leave everything (your worries, happiness, disappointments everything) behind and focus on the breath itself. You can practice this by gently taking air in and out.

#7. Sing Your Favorite Song

I am a terrible singer. Still, singing a song makes me refreshed. I have no idea about the background mechanism, though.

Maybe this strategy can turn out to be good for you too. Why don’t you give it a try?

The next time you feel like you are in a world war between negative thoughts, start singing like a crazy man. If you want to avoid the embarrassment, just go to the bathroom and sing.

Believe me, you are going to feel better.

#8. Read Books and Quotes on Positive Thinking

There are tons of books on positive thinking. Have you ever read any one of them?

If you didn’t, it’s time. I repeat, it’s time for you to break your cage of negativity and land on the prosperous field of positive thinking.

The very first book you should read, according to me is The Power of Positive Thinking. Yeah, you can try other titles as well.

#9. Learn the Art of Controlling Your Thoughts

Which is the most difficult job on the earth? Can you guess?

No, it isn’t reaching the summit of Mt. Everest. It isn’t crossing the English Channel either.

The most difficult job is taming your mind. Yeah, you read it right! Acharyas and sages spent thousands of years alone in cages and Himalayas only to achieve the full control over the mind.

So, I know it is impossible. Still, you can reroute negative thoughts by asking the questions given below to yourself.

  • Is there any benefit to me or anyone with this thought?
  • What if I think the exact opposite? Do I become happy?

#10. Help Someone

Helping people has a positive impact on your behavior. You become confident as your mind gets the feeling that you are capable of providing aid.

Whenever you get free time, think about help you can do for someone.

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Wrapping Up

You got ten tips to kick negative thoughts away.

Finally, I want you to realize one thing. YOU determine the end-result of your life; success or failure.

So, come on! Get rid of your negative thoughts and laziness. Work for your success.