10+ Keys to sleep and wake up full of energy | Sleeping Experts

10+ Keys to sleep and wake up full of energy | Sleeping Experts - tinoshare
10+ Keys to sleep and wake up full of energy | Sleeping Experts - tinoshare

Dr Neil Stanley, sleep expert at Vispring, has explained the habits of successful people to bedtime.

Dr. Stanley said that “sleep is vital for proper mental, psychological and physical health”, adding that “the lack of sleep is associated with increased risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes, obesity, lack of motivation and poor reflexes, moodiness, irritability and depression. “

The experts in the field advise following a set of guidelines or habits when it comes to sleeping, if carried out properly, can mean a turning point in the success in the lives of people. Some of these tips include:

1. The bed should be comfortable with a proper mattress to the measures of each person. Keep in mind that this is one main elements for proper rest.

2 . Identify sleep disturbing elements in the environment (stress, bad habits daily, etc.), be aware that there and try to remove them.

3. Become aware of bedtime, body and mind should be relaxed

4. Stay active during the day, playing sports such as Yoga.

5. Avoid long naps, difficult and alcohol intake before bedtime.

6. It is important to establish an adequate daily routine when going to bed. This will help the mind to know when it is time to put aside the worries and stress.

7. Rest on natural materials such as the Vispring beds, which allow moisture is absorbed and released from the mattress and improve the quality of rest.

8. With a good daily routine, the dream appears. It is not advisable forced to look as the opposite effect is created.

9. The room must be established as a “sanctuary” and the environment has to be relaxing (you have to put aside electronics).

10. If not finally get to sleep, it is best to get up, be active a few minutes and go back to bed.

As for sleep, Dr. Stanley says it is not so important how many hours you sleep, but the quality of that time. “It’s a myth that need 8 hours of sleep, depending on conditions each person, “says Doctor, adding” some people work well with three hours while others need once. For me, a good night’s sleep is what leaves you refreshed in the morning and more productive during the day. ”

To pursue these habits as a daily routine is essential that the bed mattress is of adequate quality. According says Dr. Stanley, a mattress that the body can adapt without difficulty, as Vispring beds, provides a deep, comfortable seating , plus an appropriate temperature thanks to the natural materials from which it is composed, such as British wool, silk or cashmere, which favors get a restful sleep.