10+ Qualities that will be the cars of tomorrow

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In recent years the world has witnessed countless innovations and developments as never before in the world automotive. From companies that work for most vehicles have sustainable, as Toyota or Nissan, to other giants like Apple or Google are putting their efforts in creating cars with own artificial intelligence.

However, even with all this disruption appearing in prototypes and incredible advances, the reality is that today we still do not know for sure what qualities have cars that break schemes in the coming years will be.

Will they be the change in their engines? Are regular internal systems? Speed? Compatibility?or, even, what comfort? The answers give us the three global automotive company executives from France, Faurecia.

Under the North American International Auto Show, held from 11 to 24 January in Detroit, USA, High Level interviewed Andrew Pontius, Director of Product Design and Development of Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies, Andreas Wlasak , Vice President of Industrial Design Faurecia Interior Systems and Jim Hotary, Director of the Center for Innovation XWORKS signature.

All three agree that: The future that has the car is more than ever exciting and will definitely change the way that today we transport.

“I remember when I was young and went to buy my first car; the most important thing for me was the speed, today it has been in the past and there are many more things that you’re looking for, “explains Wlasak.


The new ‘super’ vehicles/cars

According to the three specialists from the European firm, there are 10 things we will see very soon transformed into vehicles:

1. Sustainable Mobility


We started with one of the most important premises of development that has the auto industry today. Executives say that for business is the top priority focus on their improvement efforts and development without affecting in any way the environment. The task will be 100% to create more efficient cars.

2. More power, less CO2


In the same line as mentioned in the previous point, Andrew Pontius notes that automakers are seeking at all costs to create cars that may be faster but at the same time have a much lower level of emission of pollutants, as we started to see progress gradually in cars that are hybrid or 100% electric.

3. Recycling heat


Cars continue to work with fuels count inside with focused to make the most possible heat engines that create systems that currently lost as much as 30% by the escape. Pontius notes that this heat can be a valuable resource, if any, is being used to contribute to heating the interior of the vehicle or switch to hybrid-electric mode faster. Faurecia has in this respect already working on a system called Exhaust Heat Power Generation .


4. Sound Reduction


As we mentioned, the fastest cars we will have will be a key requirement for companies who therefore face the challenge of creating more cars silent mentions Pontius. In the case of the French company this will be achieved through a device called Resonance Free Pipe, which will reduce the sound frequencies not want the car. All this development will also help to have lighter cars.

5. Natural materials


The new, futuristic BMW i8 Vision Connectivity, Technology, Safety and Design-tinoshare.comOn the other hand, Andreas Wlasak warns that we will see soon a very hard work in promoting the use of natural materials such as fibers for the inside of the car, that is, companies will experience much with plants or natural elements created by themselves, avoiding at all costs the use some things that until now were constant such as plastics .

6. Total inside Connectivity

Little by little cars have had to leave relating to the different mobile devices that we have, however, the connection between them is strengthened considerably in the coming years, detailing the charge of Industrial Design at Faurecia Interior Systems. People can even handle different functions from his car with only take a few clicks on their smartphones.


7. Interaction elements

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The above point will be complemented by a greater number of interactive elements inside the vehicle, as will screens from which they can more easily access, such as GPS navigators or VCRs or music on mobile devices people this will help greatly enhance the travel experience of people.

8. Comfort in the vehicle


The new, futuristic BMW i8 Vision Connectivity, Technology, Safety and Design-tinoshare.comUnfortunately due to traffic, Hotary Jim mentioned, increasingly spend more time inside our cars, why will also be very important work that is done in comfort seats front and rear. The expert notes that are currently working closely with institutions such as NASA to create smart seats that even have the ability to reduce the level of stress in people.

9. Total Security

The new, futuristic BMW i8 Vision Connectivity, Technology, Safety and Design-tinoshare.com

Almost to close the list appears to the issue of security, which details the Innovation Center Director XWORKS Faurecia will also be crucial. In addition to incorporating and improving containment systems of cars or airbags, much of this issue they will now seats, same should also be designed to withstand impacts and help people reduce traditional problems like dizziness.

10. And the rear?

Finally, we reach the tail of the car, in which very important changes aimed primarily at improving will also be trunk, which could no longer be opened from the way we know it today, but slip back through a system Smart opening. In addition, the experts added, high priority will be given to the issue aesthetic of this area which is usually forgotten.