10 Reasons for Moving to Windows 10

10 Reasons for Moving to Windows 10 - tinoshare.com
10 Reasons for Moving to Windows 10 - tinoshare.com

Everyone can finally exhale with relief: Windows 8 is fired, and again is sure to improve your version of Windows. Windows 10 is here, and with the system greater confidence that their design is more familiar to users of previous versions of Windows 8. It is time for all those features and performance improvements were lost 8.1 W8 and catch up. And not only that: it’s free.


Starting and more. If you never made the switch to Windows 8 or 8.1, you’ve missed one of the best things that has ever reached its Windows operating systems: a quick start. There are even videos that show that W 8.1 boots faster on a MacBook that own OS X. And this is comparing the system with other. Compared to Windows 7, the new Microsoft OS leaves the old fool. Another improvement in speed acclaimed gamers come from DirectX 12, the new 3D engine will game developers a new level of immersive performance.


The Start menu

The technology community hailed the return to the start menu after being replaced by a home screen in Windows 8. What is kind of funny because, since the same group found the appearance of this menu in Windows95, they seemed very ‘noob’ to give importance. However, Microsoft has heard the cries for its return, but new technologies giving importance, leaving the possibility that the menu is adapted to the touch screens.



It’s nice to be able to talk to your technology. If you used to Siri or Google Now, you know how convenient it is to talk to donning your hands-free technology. “Hey Cortana, playing music”, or “Open Chrome” are just some of the simplest tasks that you can assign. You can be much more specific with reminders to be displayed on any device with Cortana. You can be as accurate as saying, “Cortana, remind me to buy milk when you are near a supermarket,” or “Remind me to ask my wife how is her mother when she calls.” And not just Cortana voice commands: scorer keeps track of your interests, giving you information such as the results of your favorite teams, local weather, and traffic information even when you return home.


Universal applications

If you use Windows 7, then you have an application store. Windows 10 lets you find the software you need for small and large tasks, and can run applications in Window or full screen. Windows 10 also comes with productivity applications and more powerful and better polished content, including new photos, videos, maps, People, Mail and Calendar. The applications run equally well in full screen or windowed, and modern applications can run by touch or with the traditional keyboard and mouse.



Virtually all displays with which we are in touch these days are – your smartphone, tablet or even your car navigation system. So why not your PC or laptop? It may be that the transition for some still is somewhat annoying, but unlike the phone, where fingers occupy a higher percentage of space in a PC screen is not a problem. While it is not the primary function for computers, I think it can be very convenient and is one of the steps to take to reduce the amount of computers.


Center actions

10 Reasons for Moving to Windows 10 - tinoshare.com

Your smartphone, why not your computer? Appears notifications messages, updates or even for breaking news, so With Windows 10 you have it all. Similar to the notification center and Mac OS X, the Action Center displays e-mail messages, the system itself and applications. You may see a warning from climate or a birthday reminder. One advantage it has over Windows 8 / 8.1 and Toast Notifications is that you can always go back and read those you missed.


A better browser

He had already spoken about this in PuntoGeek, and was known at first as Project Spartan, is called Microsoft Edge and will be the default browser in this world full of modern browsers. To compete with them, greater compatibility and speed, adding new and useful capabilities such as marking pages and reading mode.



Windows 10 inherits the feature of Windows 8 Secure Boot and was made even safer.You’ll have to put some code so that each time you start the Microsoft OS is safely and keep all your data is well protected.It includes three new functions called Guard Devices, Microsoft Passport and Windows Hi.


Virtual Desktop

For years, some of the most sophisticated Mac users have found the ability to switch between different virtual desktops in a useful way.Windows 10 have finally brought this possibility to the desktop operating system of Microsoft.In Windows 10, the function is very easy to use: you simply click or touch the icon next to the task shifting search box Cortana.


Application Xbox

If you’re a gamer, you’ll love the new integration with Xbox that comes in Windows 10. Not only will leave following the achievements of your friends, you can also streamer games from the console to the PC and play various games from your PC against other players on Xbox.


What do you like from these 10 reasons for moving to Windows 10?