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10 Rules For Success Of Andrew Carnegie To Get Rich - Business Tips - Tinoshare.com
10 Rules For Success Of Andrew Carnegie To Get Rich - Business Tips - Tinoshare.com

Andrew Carnegie was a Scotsman who came to America in 1848 (13 years old) with $1 in his pocket. In the 1890s his company, “Carnegie Steel Company” was already the most profitable company worldwide, and in 1901, Carnegie was already the richest man on the planet. The great businessman made himself and noted philanthropist of the time despite paying the minimum wage to employees. Donated in life a lot of money to build libraries, since the habit of reading it left the great business man would become, and, therefore, believed in the need for reading success.

It was when a young journalist named Napoleon Hill, became for a time in the shadow of Carnegie to collect the keys to their success, as well as the stories of many other entrepreneurs and millionaires of the time. That book, ” Think and Grow Rich “, became the best-selling self-help book of all time. (Read: Napoleon Hill 10 Quotes ).

It has now come a new book called “The Science of Success ” at first seems a re-edition of the original” Think and Grow Rich “, and the journalist Richard Feloni has collected in Business Insider 10 the keys to success of Carnegie that appear in this book. It is more of the same, but it never hurts to remember more.

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1. Define your purpose.

Create a plan of action to achieve a marked target and begin working on it immediately.


2. Create an alliance with people who have what we do not.

On the basis of that, success is not achieved working alone, people need to be able to diversify knowledge and skills to fill those gaps that we have in business. Create synergies for success.


3. Make an extra effort.

Doing more of what you have to do is the only justification for higher profits, create an advantage over those that limit your efforts.


4. The practice of “application of faith”

Believe in yourself and your purpose so fully to act with complete and full confidence.


5. Ten personal initiative.

What we have to do? Don’t mention it. Just do it.


6. Indulge your imagination.

Dare to think beyond what has already been done.


7. Exerts enthusiasm.

A positive attitude prepares you for success. It is contagious and respect for others that is gained.


8. Think precision.

In the words of Napoleon Hill: “thinking is the ability to separate fact from fiction and to use those relevant to your own concerns and problems.”


9. Concentrate your effort.

Do not be distracted from the more important task that you will now face.


10. The result of adversity.

Remember that there is always a benefit to every setback.

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