10+ Successful habits you should have

10+ Successful habits you should have - tinoshare.com
10+ Successful habits you should have - tinoshare.com

Some of the most important personalities of our time share of some unusual habits. These particular forms of behavior helped get some of their objectives, which were transformed into daily practices. Reading about these matches you will notice that are appropriate for your  life staff and professional. If you do, you will notice an increase in your productivity while ensuring that your actions become more effective. They may not be the advice you get used to read books, news, blogs or profiles of renowned specialists but insurance will allow you to achieve great results.


Do not blame others

10+ Successful habits you should have - tinoshare.com

“Blaming others is not accepting responsibility for our lives, is distracted from it,” said Facundo Cabral (songwriter, poet, writer and Argentine philosopher). If you’re not convinced by yourself, or rather you are unhappy because you are not what you expected, you can not blame others. Instead of having that attitude, put your hands to work and try to change things that do not make you happy. Absolutely all we dream of achieving certain personal goals and to be remembered by our unique characteristics. To achieve you have to learn what you love and understand how you can use it to improve your life.



Help others

10+ Successful habits you should have - tinoshare.com

Once you discover what you love and you develop further knowledge in this area, you can go even further. Try to use your skills to help others. The feeling of having improved even a little the day or someone’s life will be very comforting. In addition, by focusing your skills in this type of action, you will contribute in building a better world. Outstanding personalities of our history agree that thanks to the habit we transcend and enrich our relationships. “If you do not live for others, life is meaningless,” exclaimed Mother Teresa of Calcutta.




10+ Successful habits you should have - tinoshare.com

A large percentage of successful ideas or inventions were developed in leisure time. Today we spend most of the time connected. On the Internet, answering emails from our phone or arming the monthly balance on your office computer, the largest portion of our day is consumed. It will be difficult for this process may arise revolutionary or innovative ideas. Having head busy with other duties, the inspiration is relegated. Spend at least one or two days a week to detox and technology to connect with nature. Conversations with your affections, read or play some type of art also will help oxygenate the mind.



Physical activity

10+ Successful habits you should have - tinoshare.com

It is medically proven that physical activity improves blood flow to the brain and increases productivity. Take advantage of the dead periods at work to exercise. They will help you clear your mind, eliminate negative thoughts and relax. When finished, you can also take a few minutes to meditate. If you repeat this routine, you will notice that those problems without an accurate answer now have a clearer solution. Think of these benefits when choosing between, check the latest news on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or use those twenty minutes to do something for your body and mind.



Visualize your perfect day

10+ Successful habits you should have - tinoshare.com

A simple yet very effective and powerful practice is to display on the first minutes of the morning. If you think about what would happen during the day or in the possible solutions to be used for certain problems, you get to focus on what matters most. In addition you will avoid the typical distractions and no benefit. Elite athletes use this method to stay focused and reach goals during the competition. Always try to imagine with a positive attitude and efficient. That will leave home well disposed to face the rest of the day.



Find the others who also win

10+ Successful habits you should have - tinoshare.com

In the book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People“, Dr Stephen Covey recommends that all interaction both parties are winners. Whether at work, at home or with your partner, you should try to produce relations with benefits for both. If you do the opposite and only go in search of your own satisfaction, you will generate a destructive situation. Having a loser, there will be enemies, anger, envy, hostility and other counterproductive feelings. Who achieve success in their activities generally they reach that situation in part by Allied harvested through the journey.

1451639619 The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change
Stephen R. Covey



Productive attitude and intentions


10+ Successful habits you should have - tinoshare.comInternet is the most effective tool in the world to generate successful ventures. However, it can also become the biggest distraction of all if you use it incorrectly. One of your main rules must be focused on the form and the intentions with which you use this powerful resource. Try to use the Internet only for issues related to your work. To achieve positive results on a personal project or the company where you work should take that attitude and stay focused on the goal. Mails, social networks, videos and blogs can investigate on your own time.



Rest before exhausted

10+ Successful habits you should have - tinoshare.com

One of the best ways to stay productive is to stay fresh and rested his head. The renowned productivity expert, Tony Schwartz, says that “human beings need to spend and renew energy to operate efficiently.” To achieve that balance recommended to take short breaks ten minutes each hour of work. That way you will avoid straining your mind and your energy will always be maintained at appropriate levels for maximum efficiency. If you repeat the procedure throughout the day you’ll get more specific tasks at the end of the day.



Ask for help

10+ Successful habits you should have - tinoshare.com

It is good that try to solve various problems with your own tools. At the end of the day is the best way to differentiate themselves. However, at some point we were all stuck to certain situation. Ask for help from someone who understands the subject will give us two benefits: first we pave the way and will achieve a solution that we managed to find. It will also serve to make the other person feel comforted for providing a solution and share their knowledge. This concept reinforces the theory of win / win proposed by Dr. Stephen Covey.



Be thankful

10+ Successful habits you should have - tinoshare.com

“Our brain works 30% better when we feel happy,” says psychologist Shawn Anchor in his lecture on “work and happiness.” A great way to stay positive and increase the feeling of joy is to think of things that make you feel grateful. Remember the people who love you for what you are, when you have a home, health, work and food. Are not issues to feel lucky? If you can apply this year in some moments of your day notice that your productivity will increase considerably.