10 things that will improve our lives through technology in 2025

Year 2016 on the street with arrow toward to the city

The technology has come into our lives to stay and today is a fundamental element in our daily lives. In just a few years, the emergence of mobile devices has revolutionized everything from how we communicate with others how we pay our purchases. 

Phones, smart watches, wearable devices … And that’s only a part. In reality, they are producing incredible advances in many fields, combined, could result in truly amazing changes in our lives. Here are some of them.

Many of the diseases that today are a problem, disappear

Each time we know more about DNA , that knowledge will allow diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia easier to prevent. The important advances that are occurring in this area could slow down the process of advancing both of these diseases that could turn out to be imperceptible.

As for genetic diseases, such as type 1 diabetes, we can modify our genome by genetic engineering to eliminate the carriers of the disease genes. Not only that, scientists will also be able to alter the genome sequences that make the disease is hereditary to no longer pass onto subsequent generations.

Ray Kurzweil, renowned scientist, inventor, writer, and futurist, goes even further and predicts that we can alter our biology, among other things, turn stem cells that cause cancer or even slow the progression of atherosclerosis, the main cause of the heart disease.


Drugs; Cancer will be much less harmful

Many of the cancer treatments used today and, especially, the most common chemotherapy, are very harmful to the human body or and its effects are devastating, not differentiate between cancerous and healthy cells. The advances in nanotechnology will allow developing new drug delivery systems noninvasive and highly accurate, with which may release the right drug to the affected area. This will allow using much lower doses, specifically tailored to the needs of each patient. In addition, combined with advances in the field of genetics will allow more individualized and effective treatments and more bearable.


The wireless communications will fundamentally and everything will be connected to each other

Actually, everything is connected to everything, forming a giant network device that is already known as Internet of Things (IoT). From appliances and other household systems, such as heating or lighting, which can perfectly control remotely with your mobile phone or some vestibule, to different urban services, such as transport and waste management device. There will be sensors spread whole city and everything from traffic lights to be smart containers. That will avoid traffic jams, one of the main problems of the big cities, that bothers its citizens and generating significant levels of pollution. Or better manage waste collection, since these smart containers may notify the housekeeping staff when it is full and when to empty them, thus improving service efficiency.


Solar energy will be the most widespread source of energy, used in combination with other renewable

A couple of years jumped the news: ” Solar energy is already cheaper than conventional fuels .” In any case, the costs of solar energy are dwindling and photovoltaic panels and solar thermal power plants are becoming more efficient, so in combination with other renewable energy sources by 2025 could be used to supply a very high energy needs of the various percentage of countries ; yes, as long as those countries have done their homework on renewable energies.

Several countries, such as Denmark and Germany, are betting very strong for this type of clean energy and are already seeing results. Some examples:

The most recent is that of Portugal, which marked a milestone, are to get work all over the country for four consecutive days only with renewable energy.

Also, Uruguay that currently generates almost 95% of its electricity from clean energy and the price of electricity in the country has dropped.

Using a combination of different energy renewables such as wind, geothermal, hydro, etc.; and an installation system distributed in addition to large solar plants, each individual user, neighbors or building company has its own Solar installation that complements the overall production, these countries will reach undoubtedly 2025 with a percentage of energy from renewable very high or even 100%.


The containers and biodegradable bags will be normal

Certain types of packaging have been receiving a lot of criticism, and rightly so. Caring for the environment is fundamental to our long – term survival and that means resolving the huge waste management problem at hand by using materials that in many cases not only are biodegradable or not recyclable, but also takes centuries to decompose. The problem will be corrected as the use of packaging and biodegradable bags of vegetable origin and will extend to become normal.

Some industries still resist change but eventually will be inevitable. The fact that sooner or later occur in this case, depend not only on the possible progress but also the policies and laws which introduce different governments worldwide. While it is true that there could be a loss of jobs as a result of the disappearance of these industries they will also be created over time new jobs in the manufacture of these containers and biodegradable bags.

We will not have to drive and fewer traffic accidents

More and more semiautonomous cars on the market, with many automated functions supporting human driving. An example is the new Mercedes-Benz E – Class And according to various experts, if the legal framework permits, by 2020 there could be as completely autonomous cars on the roads and in 2025 could be commonplace. Google has spent years testing its driverless vehicles on the roads of California and Texas and its fleet of more than 50 cars it has already exceeded 2 million kilometers. Many other companies, including Tesla, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Ford or Citroen, are testing and also their own vehicles, but in general, they are far behind Google in terms of kilometers covered in testing.

Initially, Google said its autonomous cars may be ready for market in 2017, but the date could be delayed to 2020. For its part, BMW has announced that its first fully autonomous car, the BMW and Next, will be electric and will be released in 2021. In any case, it is likely that by 2025 it is already a different reality.

Given that 94% of accidents that occur today due to human error, these autonomous vehicles are expected to significantly reduce the number of accidents on the roads. They could also avoid traffic jams and reduce pollution emissions and costs, especially in the case of goods transport vehicles. As users, stress involving driving and finding parking and to spend travel time to other things, such as reading will be avoided.

Clean vehicles

Electric cars are becoming more autonomy and better performance. The Model S sedan Tesla is a clear example. Even there are able to exceed 350 km / h as the Concept_One, car maker Croatian Rimac Automobili. At the moment, its main drawback is the price, but as prices will decrease their use generalizing to become the norm. They are also testing other energy sources such as fuel cells hydrogen. What is certain is that in 2025, most of the vehicles are nonpolluting.

Meanwhile, with increasing environmental awareness of people, more and more people will move to the cities in electric bicycles and public transport.

Instead of buying certain things we can print 3D

3D printing revolutionizes manufacturing and trading completely. 2025 will be habitable a 3D printer at home, so instead of going to a physical store to buy a product or buy it online, as we do today, we can acquire the Internet a 3D design of a product   and customize it to our liking for, then print it directly at home.

It can print many different things, including, prosthetics for people who lack any member and its price will be reduced considerably.


Robots and virtual assistants accompany us in our daily lives

At home, at work, in stores, robots and artificial intelligence, they will be fully integrated into our lives. We may contact every household items, with our car, machines … We receive robots in stores, on the bench, hotels … And we ‘ll talk with cognitive agents as Amelia when you call any number of customer or want to hire any type of insurance. Living with the machines will be something completely normal and no longer attract attention.


Teleportation or process of moving objects or particles from one place to another instantly takes many years appearing in works of science fiction. From Star Trek teleporter port keys of the Harry Potter books. though today we still sound incredible, recent discoveries about the Higgs boson and the investigations that are being developed around it, they allow implementing in the coming years, existing theories about teleportation, so that within 10 years could be a reality or be very close to it. Undoubtedly, the implications would be enormous.