10 university careers of the future

10 university careers of the future - tinoshare.com
10 university careers of the future - tinoshare.com

From agricultural engineering to cyber law: the world of tomorrow will set a  series  of challenges for generations. The  careers  of the future university will demand very specific skills to students. Technology, language, programming and medicine will be some of the skills required. In the following article you will find the most sought-after and best-paid professions in the coming years.


3D Design/Technology

10 university careers of the future - tinoshare.com

More and more industries that incorporate specialized professionals in the management of 3D printers. The engineers use to design prototypes ranging from aircraft wings to intelligent buildings. The artistic restorers choose this technology to polish artworks and archeologists to simulate three-dimensional situations that allow them to advance their education. Multinationals use the new printers to make molds of future products and avoid incurring higher expenses before new mass production. In the future, companies will need specialized professional 3D technology to meet all your needs.




10 university careers of the future - tinoshare.com

A report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States notes that by 2018 digital works require 50% fewer employees at the plant. Peter Sondergaard, director of research at technology consultancy Gartner, says that “in 2025, one in three jobs worldwide will be replaced by robotic systems and software responsive.” Another example of this trend is the development of drones. Industries such as agriculture, construction, energy and logistics use these devices to identify shortcomings in the production process and reduce the risks. “In five years will be a standard component used in a variety of industries to meet or automate routine processes,” Sondergaard said.




Maintenance of medical equipment

10 university careers of the future - tinoshare.com

The healthcare industry is one of the most technological advances registered in recent years. The new diagnostic equipment implemented in different areas of medicine are of vital importance for the prevention and treatment of various diseases. Mechanical medical equipment are required in many fields and interesting salaries for professionals in this field are offered. Money.com estimated that an average worker earns between $75,000 and $100,000 a year. Engineers and professionals with notions in the field of biomedicine and technology are the most sought for this position profiles.



Aerospace engineering


10 university careers of the future - tinoshare.comIt is estimated that by 2020 space travel will become more frequent. This situation will create all kinds of special demands. Professionals with the ability to design space transportation, satellites and new zero-gravity environments will be needed. American companies like SpaceX aspiring to move passengers to space – require the services of engineers with expertise in this area to achieve compliance with the necessities of life in space. The average annual salary for professionals in the aerospace engineering field is $105,000.



Agricultural engineering

10 university careers of the future - tinoshare.com

The steady increase in world population, the lack of natural resources and climate change represent a major challenge for the next generation of professionals. With the disappearance of former freshwater supplies and the reduction in the amount of fertile land available, agricultural engineering is emerging as one of the most important races in the coming years. Professionals in this field need to develop new and better techniques for producing sustainable food sources and achieve the needs of the industry.



Mobile application programming

10 university careers of the future - tinoshare.com

The new digital world requires professionals who have the ability to create applications and software to connect smartphones, tablets and computers with huge databases in fractions of a second. According to the company Cisco demand for programmers worldwide will multiply in the coming years. “The applications to be developed to meet unique needs by country or sector,” say from the company.. “Programming is the new Literacy: a set of programming skills to children is not a dull science class, is a way to make things more interesting,” says Neelie Kroes – Vice President of the European Commission Agenda Digital–.



Cyber law

10 university careers of the future - tinoshare.com

Nowadays people spend a large percentage of the day connected to the Internet through their phones, tablets, smart watches or computers. This trend will increase as you get older and legal problems caused by online life too. Violations of intellectual property, virtual fraud, invasion of privacy or digital falsification of records are just some of the crimes that multiply over time. Lawyers should specialize in international virtual regulations governing Internet activities. It is estimated that most inquiries will be handled digitally.




10 university careers of the future - tinoshare.com

Medical specialists in nanotechnology have the ability to develop, implement and manage new electronic devices to cure diseases or improve the health of patients. Recently the trauma Pedro Guillen Cemtro Clinic in Madrid made the first operation broadcast live via augmented reality glasses sold by the company Google. This branch of medicine combines with modern science engineering, biotechnology and robotics. It is anticipated that 2025 may use new devices that will revolutionize microscopic techniques implants and surgical interventions.



Online Education


10 university careers of the future - tinoshare.comE-learning has grown considerably in recent years. Online courses, distance training and racing modified models of college and interaction between students and teachers. “Before required in each faculty of good professors, you can now share one for Europe,” said the director of Deusto Business School programs –Iñaki Ortega–. Teachers must incorporate technological skills to transmit their teachings through the web. The notions of psychology and anthropology will also be essential.According to Ortega will help them “learn the needs of the student, who becomes a client.”



Scientific Data


10 university careers of the future - tinoshare.comMost appliances and devices in the coming years will be connected to the Internet. Responsible for collecting, analyzing and interpreting the data obtained from these devices will be vital. A study Laboratory Science and Artificial Intelligence Massachusetts Institute of Technology says that more than 3,500 students from 88 different nationalities have been enrolled in the first year of the course on Big Data Online ( Great Online Data ). Another analysis of the global consulting firm McKinsey indicates that in America there is a deficit of 170,000 scientific data. Some companies offer salaries reach $ 300,000 per year for professionals with no prior experience.