10 Ways To Heal and Improve Love | Relationship Best Tips Ever


According to researchers at the National University of Mexico (UNAM), the relations of couple are very complex, especially when there are problems that harm the love and not let it continue; however, these conflicts make you grow emotionally.Want to know why? Follow these tips:

The director of the Institute of Logotherapy Dew Arocha , gives the following alternatives, so if they both desired, heal and love of self and Pareja.

 1. Problems of communication arise because he mistakenly believed that a relationship has the authority to tell the other how things are.

 However, a real and successful communication is based on listening. Listening allows us to know what the other looks, want and expect from the relationship.I know when one feels heard and understood loved.

 2. Know your partner needs you and you need her, strengthens security on both, and although now people are increasingly independent, the idea of having someone at any time or situation creates bonds of love that make the relationship grow .

 3. The emotional intelligence is developed with the capacity to love.It is important to distinguish that we love is not what we generally like partners;on the contrary, open our hearts to the things we dislike the other part of that emotional growth that allows to accept the loved as is.

4. The ****** intimacy acts as a link in the long-term relationships, it encourages the basis for a lasting relationship creating an emotional closeness and communication more strengthened.

 5. For a relationship to move both people must be fully committed to the couple.If either one is not fully prepared to work on the relationship, it will never work.

 6. Take responsibility for yourself.Remember that no one else can do things for you.To make things work must begin at home.Be aware of what you can not offer to the relationship allows you to be authentic.

7. Feelings are like the weather information systems that provide fertile for life, but they are too shifting and unstable, for this reason we must work on them.Sometimes the hardest job in a relationship and build trust, is what is needed to strengthen the capacity to love.

8. The attention is important for the couple ; meet tastes and interests detail promote love.The relationship will improve if daily both speak a little of the daily activities, hobbies or simply discuss the day’s news.

 9. Let the body do the talking; the body language has the power to communicate what is behind the words, the fact that favors a closer and affective emotional connection with your partner .

 10. Cultivate positive thoughts in your relationship, never try to guess what the other is thinking about something; generally is a serious error that interrupts communication and creates ill understood.

 If you think your relationship can not give more, analyze and apply these simple tips and you’ll see that with a little patience,  and your relationship will improve.