10 Ways To Use Twitter Marketing Lists | Business, Sales and Marketing Tips and Tricks


First things first: what is a list of Twitter? It is simply a group of Twitter users who create for specific monitoring of these users emit tweets. You can configure your own lists, and also subscribe to a list of another. Each list includes a name and can include a description explaining what criteria has been established to add the selected members. You choose if you make the list public (anyone can access it and it will appear referenced in your Twitter profile) or private (only you can access and will not be visible in your profile).To create it, just press “Create New List” in the “Lists” section of your profile. Each profile that you add, you receive a notification that you’ve included in that list.

Twitter lists are a useful tool for filtering and sorting the welter of information circulating on Twitter, segmented profiles that issue. Moreover, it does not take follower of a user to add to the list : your tweets will start appearing on the timeline of the list anyway. For personal profiles, it is a way to organize content published on Twiter by themes and interests.

Now, what for brands? How can leverage marketing lists? Here are ten ideas:

  1. To keep abreast of developments and trends: set a list of Twitter profiles relevant to the area of activity of your brand and you will not miss a single article of interest.
  1. To spy and track competition without realizing it: create a private list and includes in it the company profiles of your competition. No one will know you have that list (because it is private and therefore is not visible) and your competition does not come notification that you’ve added to the list (precisely because it is private). This option, I admit it, I love it.
  1. To group the Twitter presence of other subsidiaries or brands of the business group: a list of Twitter you’ll be able to segment and monitor how they are communicating and how to confirm if there is consistency in the communication strategy and promote the business group Twitter, presenting the list to your followers.
  1. To enable employees as “ambassadors” of the brand include them on a list and always have perfectly located and identified. Hum … what your goal is not “enabled” to employees, but matenerlos “controlled”? Well, you always have recourse to private lists.
  1. To submit to the Twitter community working groups within the company: for example, the customer service team on social networks. Why not put a name and surname?
  1. To find out what you most want your competition: look at your profile that lists created, how and what members called conforms each, and which lists subscribed. You might even be surprised.
  1. To promote the participants in an event or activity sponsored by the company: a conference, a forum, a seminar or a fair that your company organizes or in which it participates, and whose speakers and / or exhibitors want to give maximum visibility, and also follow closely. With a list, it’s easy.
  1. To identify prospects or prescribers: group them by lists and always have on hand. Beware of the name and description you use: reread paragraph 6, and decides whether the list must be public or private.
  1. To monitor your customers: by how and what ye shall know them communicate better, you can follow their strategies and get ahead of your needs.
  1. Geo marketing actions: identify which users are located near to your business or establishment and decide if you want throwing a specific promotion.