$100 Million and The Support of Stephen Hawking To Find Extraterrestrial Life - tinoshare.com
$100 Million and The Support of Stephen Hawking To Find Extraterrestrial Life - tinoshare.com

The billionaire Yuri Milner supported by the scientist Stephen Hawking, will finance the largest to date to try to find extraterrestrial life project.

During the seventies the first projects emerged SETI under the sponsorship of NASA in order to find intelligent extraterrestrial life. Today, almost five decades later, still no humanity since the first alien that is not from science fiction or some conspiranoids theories.

The Russian billionaire Yuri Milner announced it is injecting $ 100 million to SETI project to create a decade-long with the aim of undertaking more, complete search of communication with extraterrestrials in history.

Milner, who often invest primarily in technology companies (Facebook and Alibaba) is not alone in his quest, as has the support of the scientist Stephen Hawking who gives his endorsement and respect that his name brings to any scientific endeavor. Hawking has spoken the conference which will be held in the announcement:

“We believe that life arose spontaneously on earth. So, in an infinite universe, there must be other occurrences of life.”

The group of scientists who met did not dare to say that immediately begin hunting intelligent life forms or even find the end results. But thanks to this initiative likely to ever do have multiplied enormously since the current effort is minimal. The SETI typically has about 24 to 36 hours of use of telescopes per year, this investment will reach thousands of hours annually and with the best equipment.

Yuri Milner is fully funding the project, and according to him and accompanying scientists, thanks to the investment of money, SETI may collect the same amount of data collected in a year, in just one day . Milner’s words:

“I have high expectations, but the search itself will teach us a lot. We might find something you’re not even looking.”