11 Digital tools that teachers should consider

11 Digital tools that teachers should consider - tinoshare.com

We present 11 platforms and educational applications that teachers can use to improve and enrich their teaching.

In the new era of learning, technology plays a key role in the processes of formation of children and adolescents. Hundreds of digital tools have been created in order to provide the student autonomy, improve the management of academic processes, promote collaboration and facilitate communication between teachers and students. Here we present 11 of the most popular.


Edmodo is an educational tool that connects teachers and students, which is similar to a social network. In it, teachers can create online collaborative groups, manage materials, measuring the performance of students, providing academic materials, communicate with parents, among other functions. EDMODO has over 34 million users, including students and teachers, which are connected to create a more enriching learning process, personalized and aligned with the opportunities that brings technology and the digital environment.


2. Socrative

Designed by a group of entrepreneurs and engineers passionate about education, Socrative is a system that allows teachers exercising or educational games, which can be solved by students, whether smartphones, tablet computers or mobile devices. Teachers can see the results of the activities and, depending on these, modify subsequent lessons, in order to make them more personalized.


3. Projeqted

Projeqted is a tool for creating multimedia presentations with dynamic slide in which you can embed interactive maps, links, online quizzes, twitter timelines, videos, and more. During a class, teachers can share with their students academic presentations, which are visually adapted to different devices.

11 Digital tools that teachers should consider

 4. Thing Link

This tool allows educators to create interactive images, music, sound, text, photographs, among others. These can be shared on other websites or on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Thing Link offers the possibility of teachers believe that learning methodologies to awaken the curiosity of students, through interactive content that will expand the knowledge gained.

11 Digital tools that teachers should consider


5. Ted ED

Ted ED is an educational platform for creating educational lessons with the collaboration of outstanding teachers, students, entertainers, people who want to expand knowledge and good ideas, among others, which can be shared and extended by any user. This website allows democratize access to information for both teachers and students. Here people can be actively involved in the learning process of others.



6. cK-12

cK-12 is a site that seeks to reduce the cost of academic books for the K-12 market in the United States and the world. To achieve its objective, this platform has an open source interface for creating and distributing educational material via the Internet, which can be modified and contain video, audio and interactive exercises. You can also print and meet the editorial standards required in each region. The books that are created in CK-12 can be adapted to the needs of any teacher or student.



7. ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a tool to improve student behavior: teachers provide their students instant feedback, so that willingness in class ‘rewarded’ with points, so that students have a more receptive attitude in front of their learning process. Class Dojo provides real-time notifications to students, as David Well Done! +1 To work collaboratively. The information is collected on student behavior it can be shared later with parents and administrators all over the Web.



8. Edu Clipper

This platform allows teachers and students to share and explore related and educational material. In Edu Clipper can gather all the information found on the Internet, then share it with members of groups previously created, which gives the ability to manage more effectively the academic content found on the Web, enhance investigative techniques and have a digital record of achievements by students during the course. Likewise, it provides an opportunity for teachers to organize a virtual classroom with students and create a portfolio where all the work is stored.



9. Bird Story

Bird Story aims to promote writing skills and reading in students, through storytelling. In this tool, teachers can create interactive and artistic books on the Web, through a simple and user-friendly interface. The stories created can be embedded in blogs, e-mailed, printed, and more. Bird Story, teachers can also create projects with students, giving constant feedback, organizing classes and degrees, among others.



10. Animoto

Animoto is a digital tool for creating high quality videos in no time and from any mobile device that inspire students and help improve academic lessons. Animoto interface is friendly and practical allowing teachers to create audiovisual content that meets the educational needs.



11. Kahoot

Kahoot is an educational platform based on games and questions. Through this tool, teachers can create quizzes, discussions or surveys to supplement academic lessons, which are projected in the classroom and are answered by the students, as they play and learn at the same time.Kahoot can foster a learning methodology based on the game that manages to increase student engagement and creating a dynamic, social and fun learning environment.