11 Incredibly Crazy Things That Only Happens In North Korea


North Korea is a curious place which is very difficult to hear what happens there, for the dictatorship who are living is such that its inhabitants are cut off from the outside. The people of North Korea does not have internet, but an intranet , so they can only access the pages that the Korean government decided that they are not harmful to the regime. In fact, throughout North Korea, there are only 1024 IP addresses , which is not the same as saying that there are 1024 people Internet access, as well those IP could correspond to a few tens of users. But those users with access to internet belong to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, and his cabinet confidence.

Just as no news coming from abroad, either from the inside out, except for a few people in the regime dissidents who have dared to speak. But yes, outside of Korea and unable to return home. That’s why many of the news coming from this country, it is very difficult to compare them.

This man is Kim Jong-un, current leader of North Korea. At first glance, with that face of spoiled child, greedy and lacking in exercise, it could give a misleading sense, since we are talking about one of the greatest intellectuals of the world .
Not to mention having some impossible feats to find another human being . At least that’s how they see the North Koreans since they are children. A reporter from the Daily Mail ,  Eric Lafforgue  got talking to Kim, a North Korean student of 20 years. Since the journalist knew she would not speak ill of the scheme, he knew she would give their vision of what they believe.

1. Biologically, North Korean women can not become pregnant before marriage.

According to Kim, the North Korean student, is not known a single case of pregnancies out of wedlock, or HIV.In fact, it even comes to believe that for some reason a woman really could not get pregnant if you have not married before.And not because it is not well seen, but because biologically could not.


2. Cars are banned.

The government does not want lazy people, so the only ones that can be used asa transport cars are the leader and his direct control.The rest must be exercised on foot or by bike.And for all North Korean see this as well, have been riddled with all sorts of studies talk about the danger of cars to health. That’s all in some cases.


3. Kim Jong-il invented the hamburger in 2009.

Probably, if you tell a North Korean burger that has existed since before 2009, you will look in the same way that if you say you’ve had breakfast with aliens.I guess they would not want to include in your diet a very typical of this country that they both hate, as US product, so if it was invented Kim Jong-il who had the great idea, and comes otherwise.


4. Lady Gaga is a man.

North Korea do not listen to American artists, but know Lady Gaga, but believe it is a man, reflecting the hatred are inculcated into the land of Uncle Sam.The hatred of all North American are trying toinstil from school, and the North Korean people do not like pop.They prefer Mozart, Bach and Beethoven.

5. South Korea will open a fire if any North Korean will attempt to enter the country.
North Koreans have sold them to Kim Jong-un is such a good person to receive kindly to any South Korean who entered North Korea, although they would shoot any North Korean who stepped Korea.

6. No hair in North Korea is dyed.
Women should respect the regulation ofhair, so that enterprises in hair dye should not do much business in North Korea.In fact, the leader obligation imposed as a kind of haircut with very few variables, for both men and women.For men must wear the same haircut that their leader.

7. Kim Jong-un has no physiological needs.
Former North Korean leader passed away did not need to defecate or urinate like other mortals.And that what children learned from their childhood in school textbooks.It is a power or divine gift he inherited Kim Jong-un.

8. Convicted of kinship.
In North Korea, there is a curious sense of justice. And it is that if a North Korean commits a crime, he is not only is imprisoned, but all their immediate families, as it is thought that the “stain of crime may persist for three generations.”That is, if your grandfather commits a crime, your will be imprisoned too.

9. Golf best player in the world is North Korea.
The best golfer, specifically was Kim Jong-il, for the first time he picked up a stick golf, and was able to make a hole in one. According to the official press North Korea broke the record by getting 38 gofer under par, 24 strokes which are less than the best result that has ever seen in a professional golf tournament.

10. North Korea is the second happiest country.
The report issued by North Korean researchers, that , North Korea would be the happiest country in the world, surpassed only by China, while the United States was in last position. It is clear that the investigation was entirely objective and impartial, and not at all manipulated.

11. No lick the stamps with the face of the leaders of North Korea.

It is considered a huge lack of respect he licked a stamp bearing the face of North Korean leader and is forbidden to bend a note with the face of the leader.
And these are just some of the many things I could name. Some, think that the North Koreans, basically most of these lies that the dictatorship tries to put them in the head or else, I would say, do not believe, but the fact is that, when you have no communication with the outside world and introduce you since you are born certain things in your head, not get even a question to ask yourself what is very clear to you.
And if anyone has any doubts, he would be in danger of being immediately eliminated by the regime.
And basically this is the situation that exists in North Korea, a situation that reflects a huge difference with its neighbor South Korea .