12 year old girl beats Einstein on IQ

12 year old girl beats Einstein on IQ - tinoshare.com
12 year old girl beats Einstein on IQ - tinoshare.com

Nicole Barr,  12 year old girl by two points exceeded the IQ of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking . This places in group 1% of the smartest people in the world.

She earned a scale of 162 points in the tests. If we consider that the mean of a normal person has a result that is between 100 and 140 points, it means that small is gifted.

Nicole says she was surprised at the news, since it is not expected. “When I was little I remember we were rehearsing a play in which I was an angel. Another girl never showed up, so I also learned her role,” said the girl.

We must remember that since the Stanford-Binet intelligence was published in 1916, a gifted is one that achieves a score above 130 on an IQ test .

However, although it is one of the smartest girls in the world , her parents say Nicole leads a very normal girl. “He works hard and is very applied in their studies,” say his parents.

How could it be otherwise, he performs his duties every day, but always ask for extra tasks.

“Since I was little devotes her free to find errors you see in books and magazines time , “says his mother.

The girl who has exceeded the  coefficient  intellectual Einstein and Hawking has received approval to join the Mensa association, which brings together the smartest people in the world.

“We are very proud of Nicole, and has confessed to us that he wants to be a doctor,” they have indicated their parents. And we could not expect less from someone who has surpassed Hawking and Einstein on an IQ test.

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