13 Applications to Connect Your Smartphone to your PC Computer


This way you can access certain programs that are only for PC but also some files that you just saved there. With these programs you can also help a family member or friend to solve a problem or question arises about how you do that or message that appears on the screen. Let’s have a look at the applications below.


1. Join.me

Join Me

We start with a very basic solution that will allow us to display the computer screen , either ours or anyone else. This requires that the desktop has also installed application Join.me will provide an access code to enter our app from the smartphone.

From here we can see the remote computer screen, enlarge or reduce the image on the screen that we received as interest us, make a call via VoIP , using a chat with others who may be connected to the same computer, etc.Especially can be very helpful for training, remote support or for online meetings.


2. Xtralogic Remote Desktop Client to take control of your computer from your smartphone


if what you need is to take control of your computer from your smartphone, an interesting solution is Xtralogic Remote Desktop Client (<< Download for Android ) with which we can access and take control as if we were in front of the computer screen, running applications or transferring files seamlessly.

We can enable connections via VNC or Remote Desktop, so it is not necessary to install an application on your computer to control the same as it would suffice to have enabled remote assistance. This can make for some prove slightly more complicated configuration and access , especially if we do it from outside our local network.


3. VNC Viewer

VNC Viewer

In remote connections VNC is one of the most used worldwide. We can connect and take control of the computer both on a local network and from outside as we have configured the application on the desktop and promptly redirected router ports. Therefore we will need to have installed on your computer to also connect VNC program.

Since the implementation of Android you can use your fingers to move the mouse, the keyboard to enter text and send special commands, type Ctrl + Alt + Delete you can be very useful at times.Regarding safety program have the option to configure it to access by username and password, as an additional measure, the person on the other side of the keyboard allows us access or denied.If a connection to your own computer, simply set it to always allow the connection.


4. TeamViewer, for many the best remote access application

TeamViewer is for many the best remote access application available today. It is based on the installation of a program on the desktop and one in the smartphone communicating via a code and a password. It is very simple and intuitive, easy to transfer files between devices, the takeover, chat and remote support, so that it lacks detail.

TeamViewer gives you great performance , which sets the quality of the broadband connection to the viewing experience best.It is also able to connect regardless of whether there is a firewall installed on your computer or not, which helps a lot if we have to connect to computers that do not have clear what they have installed.It is also cross-platform and runs on both Windows, and Mac or Linux.


5. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop


This is a perfect app for those who do not want to complicate your life a lot and is very functional. On the desktop we have to install the application for the browser Chrome Remote Desktop . Once installed we will provide a code that we have to introduce into our Android application and already have remote access to your computer, regardless of whether they are within the same local network or not.


6. GoToMyPC

It is a solution that also need to have the program GoToMyP installed on the computer you want to connect. Then we install the app for Android on the mobile device. We may have saved connections to different computers and just need an access code to get the remote control.

The Android application is free but requires subscription GoToMyPc different pricing plans for access, such subscriptions depend on the number of users and the total number of computers that want to access remotely.Pros offers great performance without delay and without too much delay in the connection.


7. ShowMyPC

It is another alternative available to us. ShowMyPC is based on the same model known installation program on the computer to be monitored, the smartphone application and communication between both through the generation of a code. We have a more limited free option and subscription options that extend its functionality.


8. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop is the perfect choice to access computers running Windows 8.1 or Windows Server 2012 R2 . To access the computer remotely just have to enter a series of data such as the IP address or host name, the gateway or the username and password of the computer you agree, if we are in the same local network. If you access from the outside, things are a bit more complicated.

It is a very simple and very convenient solution for work or connect frequently from our tablet or smartphones to different teams that we can have at home or at work and solve different specific problems we might encounter without having to travel as far as is the computer.


9. Mikogo, perfect for meetings and training online

Sometimes all you’ll need is access to a computer, but join a meeting or online training that an organizer made from your computer. Mikogo allows us to do very simply, where the desktop may assume the role of presenter and we are witnessing from the smartphone and see what we are sharing with us. Its functionality from mobile devices is far more limited than if we connect from a computer, but is perfect if you have to give some indication of something specific and we’re not at the computer.


10. DroidRemote, to connect to the same WiFi

DroidRemote is an open source application that is going to allow your computer to connect and manage easily if we are on the same WiFi network. We can control the keyboard, mouse, or see the screen and runs on Windows operating system.

Perhaps it is not up to performance and functionality of other leading industry as TeamViewer, but may be an option to install on our computers.The Android application is paid and costs of € 0.99 but then we can use on as many computers as you want.


11. Parallels 2X RDP, the option to work remotely and manage

Remote ParallelsParallels 2X RDP is a great solution for remote connections, perhaps more geared to an industrial use because it is a designed for access from corporate networks that use Parallels application on the server for easy connection solution.The best is the ease of use from your smartphone and how well it does work.


12. Splashtop Remote Desktop 2, with great performance

Another application that stands out for its good performance is 2 Splashtop Remote Desktop . It is free for noncommercial use and can take control of up to five devices. This way you can access your computer, transfer files between devices, etc. Its limitation is that the free version only works on the local network .


13. ConnectBot for SSH connections


If we are looking for other access to your computer through the console rather than a visual option, perhaps our solution will ConnectBot a solution to facilitate access SSH very powerful and easy it can be to pull through more experienced users.

If we do these persistent connections, ie connect from our vacation spot to our desktop even if we have to leave the computer always on . If we want to connect to laptops it is important to check the power options to ensure that teams do not enter into suspension, which in many cases can lead us inconveniences.