14+ phrases you should not tell your employees

14+ phrases you should not tell your employees - tinoshare.com
14+ phrases you should not tell your employees - tinoshare.com

Bad bosses are everywhere and in of all classes; motivating managers are little, nagging, insensitive, lazy and unrealistic. Some even enjoy doing mourn to their employees.

News for them: all they cause is low productivity in your company, (expensive) staff turnover and poor work environment that does not attract or retain talent. As an entrepreneur, you probably find yourself first in this position, but inexperience is no excuse to become a boss; does not know how to lead team and negatively affects their morale. In fact, doing so could mean the death of your startup, since the success of all-whether great or small company depends on its human capital.


Although the way to behave is the best reference for your employees, your words are too. And there are certain phrases that should never be used to communicate with your team, no matter what your mood or situation: 14+ phrases you should not tell your employees.

  1. Do not do anything right? Although an employee commits one or more errors, this phrase is offensive and can seriously damage their motivation. When you have a situation of this kind, relax, count to 10 (or 100) and ask the person to explain what happened. Make himself recognize his mistake and propose solutions.


  1. It is the last time …This is the favorite phrase of the menacing boss. Normally the threat refers to the settlement of the employee, but the only thing that works is generated by fear and not achieve objectives.


  1. You’re lucky to work here. Elsewhere … First may not know the labor policies of other companies and secondly, whether the employee actually was lucky to work with you, you should not tell him that. Never compare yourself with other companies; create your corporate culture and make it attractive for human capital.


  1. It’s not my problem. When a member of your team tells you that arrived late at ‘x’, did not finish the job ‘and’ or did not reach the goals by ‘z’, never say this expression. It is not that “blanket” employees only make excuses, but you are empathetic and try to understand the situation. In addition, you should ensure that your problem is not effectively, which means that one of your responsibilities is to provide all the tools, resources and incentives that allow the job done.


  1. For that I pay… A widely used by heads with feeling of superiority phrase. With these words, you are telling the person who is your property and you should do what you say simply because they get an allowance for it. If you want your team respects you never serve it up issues related to wages and your position as chief.


  1. We have to cut costs/salary/deduction… Unless your company is going through a very difficult time, you’ve communicated and shared with your team do not say this phrase. But above all, no staff cuts or salary and the next day you show up at the office wearing a new suit or wearing a new late model car.


  1. So you have always done things. It’s obsolete boss and nothing innovative. In a company, to recruit talent is main objective is just that: change the routines and the status to innovate and grow. If an employee presents an idea or a new way to operate, listen and try it at least. You never know where the idea is that you will generate millions.


  1. Don’t pay you to think, I pay you to do. Again the boss who feels superior and discuss wages to remind. And the worst: the boss who discourages innovation and growth of the company. On the contrary, have many of the job descriptions, include a creative and innovative. Component


  1. Not deliver until you get it right. This unpleasant phrase often tossed accompanied by papers or thrown away. This boss tyrant enjoys reduce their employees and make them suffer. Instead, he looks closely what gave and give effective feedback that encourages the next time delivery is correct, but not out of fear, but because of your great leadership and management.


  1. Sorry, there is nothing I can do. It’s the typical boss “Pontius Pilate”. Faced with a possible dismissal, rejecting raise or grant a permit, many managers use this phrase for handwashing. But as an entrepreneur, probably not even true. You decide in your business and in your hands is the satisfaction of your team.


  1. Do not bring to the office personal problems… Another reminder: an employee is not a machine, and therefore has feelings, emotions, ambitions and desires. And when a man works, he executed with his body, but achieved by the mind and heart. Be an open boss: listen to the person and seeks to offer your support.


  1. You came 10 minutes late… One thing is to promote the timeliness of your company and quite another to become a human clock in order to scold your employees. For your company to be productive you should not dwelling on the time spent by a worker sitting at a desk, but in their results, in their job done.


  1. Here, I am the boss… The vertical and unidirectional schemes work no longer works. Why? Because wise leaders have discovered that empowering employees will get better results. If you’re a leader, they will know it, but your example, not because they say loftily. In simple, they know that you are a boss so no need to remind employees with this phrase and loud tone.


  1. The project / company is not yours… Big mistake telling an employee that what works in what is not his property. By saying this you will distroy employees hope and make them to look for another company.

Finally, a person devotes more than a third of their day to a project and make part of it is all that builds loyalty to the company feel. Be a nice boss. Don’t yell. Instead teach in a nice way of what you think will take them further to be professional and better for themselves but not for yourself. Please watch below videos to find out more