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14 Secrets And Truths About The Sale - Business Tips & Tricks - tinoshare.com
14 Secrets And Truths About The Sale - Business Tips & Tricks - tinoshare.com

1. The mediocre products with large sales teams always outperform large teams of mediocre products sales. This was said  Donal Daly, who was a strong advocate of the importance of good sellers in business.

2. Everyone likes to shop, but nobody likes to have the feeling that you are selling. Hardly will succeed in the world of sales if your customers just come to a seller when they look.


3. The sale is listening, not speaking.

the false popular belief that the seller usually good “gab” still present, but the truth is that selling is knowing listen. Customer need to create you the false impression that it is dominating the conversation. asking the right questions and fair speeches, he will lead us to close the sale.

4. Courses vendors do not create sales star.

Courses can make you better, but nothing will void the need for thousands of hours and hundreds of customers visited.In addition, most are simple to learn sales techniques .Those are the tables with part worldwide.Some will work while others do not, so to be a best seller, you will learn dozens of things that apparently have nothing to do with sales, such as human psychology, body language, public speaking techniques …


5. Everyone lives by selling something.

In fact, there is not a single company in the world that relies unsold.Regardless of your profession, you are selling something, unless you’re the end product that provides the service after the closing of the sale, and yet, every day you’re selling as a worker in the face of your company.




6. The secret of good salespeople is to make customers; not sales.

Many marketers and entrepreneurs forget this essential requirement in business.

7. Sales opportunities are as fresh fish;

They stink after 3 days (Crowell Roy Thomas).And nobody likes to be rotting fish, right ?.

8. appreciates and respects the time of your customer. Give him a good reason to be listening.

“When a client meets you, you have thousands of reasons to be elsewhere ( Mad Men ), “so you do not waste time.

9. Loyal customers are often better than new ones.
Although we need both types of customers, as we continue to grow, never forget that these loyal customers is the safest thing you have (for now), while new customers are often more costly and riskier prospect ignorance. While when we are starting, we have no choice but to focus 100% effort on new customers (for we have no other), then focus the greatest efforts in attempting to convert all your existing customers loyal.

10. Everyone buys emotionally, but all claim that they buy based on the logical choice (Jerry Acuff).
Use these biases in your favor.

11. In a sales process, never answer a question without an answer.
Although this technique is usually widely used by politicians, for some reason, when it comes to sales, as customers are not fools, and they want a clear and concise answer.No, ramblings.

12. The customer contact is what this company (Jay Leno)
And perhaps in this part it is where small businesses can have a big advantage over large ones. There remains a huge amount of people who continue to prefer the humane treatment and know that they are not just a code for a company to spend money on a recurring basis.

13. The sales success is the result of hard work, dedication, discipline and hard work.
As in most fields (business, investment …), in the world of sales is usually no shortcuts.

14. When a sale occurs in any visit or call. 
The seller sells its reasons to buy and sell their client excuses for not buying.They earn the strongest arguments, but there is always a sale.The secret is to be best seller that the client who visits.If anyone has any other tips or phrase on sales, feel free to share.