15+ cities with greater job opportunities

15+ cities with greater job opportunities - tinoshare.com
15+ cities with greater job opportunities - tinoshare.com

Once the secondary and university studies completed, people begin their life 100% professional, either at home or in any other part of the globe. That’s right, thanks to globalization that gave us an easy access to interesting places across the world. There are cities in developed countries with a wide range of job offers and favorable conditions, but also after strong economic growth, has expanded other cities that have become viable options to consider when selecting the place where developing working life. Bringing you 15 cities with greater job opportunities.



Milan, Italy

Milan, Italy 15+ cities with greater job opportunities - tinoshare.com

The top 15 of this ranking starts with the city’s land of pasta and wine. It is in this position because it has been hit by the economic crisis caused the unemployment rate soared across the region. Nevertheless, Milan has become a convenient place to work and live if you have chances to get a place to transfer there. Italy itself has a special attraction for the low cost of living, in addition to the guaranteed pleasure of living near natural wonders and monuments steeped in history. Also the neighboring cities of Milan and Bergamo and Lombardy, have interesting job offers.



Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia 15+ cities with greater job opportunities - tinoshare.com

Provided by The Economist as one of the top 10 cities in the world to live, Sydney – like the rest of Australia – it occupies a privileged place for young people who decide to embark on the adventure of the “Working Holiday”, where for 12 months they can work at home doing work in the food industry or agriculture, among others. But for those who want to have a stable job it is different. The reason it is in 14th place is that the cost of living is quite high, which limits the type of work performed.




Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan 15+ cities with greater job opportunities - tinoshare.com

The number 13 is for the capital from Japan, which offers a bit of the madness of the Eastern countries, cities full of people and hours of exhaustive work. As for labor, it is a paradise for engineers and those conducting related technology jobs. If these are not your strengths and still want to try your luck in this great city, then you must apply for a visa to teach English or some other languages. However, it is also important that you consider that Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in the world.




San Paulo, Brazil

San Paulo, Brazil 15+ cities with greater job opportunities - tinoshare.comAlong with Argentina and Chile, Brazil is one of the countries in South America that has been in vogue in recent times, and Sao Paulo remains the key. Many multinationals already have their bases in the city and the recent growth of the country, in general, favors employment. As in most countries, this also requires a visa to work but keep in mind that there is demand for engineers, builders and computer. They contribute to the quality of life the proximity to the major cultural centers of the region and the beautiful beaches.




Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland 15+ cities with greater job opportunities - tinoshare.com

Occupying 12th place is the capital of Ireland. Many will wonder why, but they should know that beyond the crisis that led to the recession in 2008 the labor supply in the country has grown over the years. Of course, also, it has a Working Holiday program for young people, but also has been developed as a new technology center and has led to Dublin being recognized as the Silicon Valley of Europe. In fact, an area of the city has become known as Silicon Docks, where they have settled more than 50 international companies such as LinkedIn and Facebook.




Hong Kong

Hong Kong 15+ cities with greater job opportunities - tinoshare.com

For the number 10 must return to Asia. The increasingly powerful economy of Hong Kong, in addition to its proximity to other business centers in the region, makes this city more interesting for those who want to deepen their professional life and channel their careers. Anyway, you should know exactly what is happening here as in Tokyo. They are cities with a high level of overcrowding and a high cost of living, where the rental of a property can go over $ 4,000.



Paris, France

Paris, France 15+ cities with greater job opportunities - tinoshare.comFrance could not be left out from the list, much less its capital, the renowned City of Lights. Besides its beauty, it appreciated, with the presence of several multinational companies and always willing to give foreigners a chance family businesses. Working in Paris has many benefits for the career. Moreover, although it is one of the European cities considered expensive, it is not so in reality. There is an almost perfect balance, allowing it a city accessible to foreigners willing to join the country’s labor market.




Mumbai, India

Mumbai, India 15+ cities with greater job opportunities - tinoshare.com

This emerging country of Asia has become one of the favorite destinations when working abroad. While not long ago India was the cradle of telemarketers, in recent years it has attracted countless interesting technology companies and business people worldwide. This is the case of Mumbai, known as the financial place of India and the city with the highest development of the film industry. This growth has been gradual, but steady. However, it has not yet achieved 100% of its projections. With regard to the cost of living, rents are quite accessible.




Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, Canada 15+ cities with greater job opportunities - tinoshare.com

At No. 7 appears this Canadian city, one country characterized by its tranquility and good vibes.There were installed several companies that will surely be of interest. Those skilled in engineering, agriculture, and tourism, among others, will have high chances of getting a well-paid job. However, keep in mind that the cost of living in Vancouver can be a little high. Something you should not forget is that this country also has a program called Working Holiday International Experience Canada. It has limited seating, so do not waste time.





Singapore_Marina_Bay_sands 15+ cities with greater job opportunities - tinoshare.com

At No. 6 is this magnificent city of Southeast Asia. While rents are high, food is accessible, which achieved an interesting balance in the daily life of those who intend to go to live in Singapore. There have already been installed countless multinational companies that have triggered the arrival of foreign ready to work there. Job opportunities are countless. In fact, there are several official websites where they post the job market of the city with the positions available to date to facilitate the search.




Genoa, Switzerland

Genoa, Switzerland 15+ cities with greater job opportunities - tinoshare.com

Top 5 in this list begins with Genoa, city of one of the most prestigious European countries. Recognized for having a friendly business environment, this country has a wide variety of job opportunities, from selling insurance to stylists. This city is no exception and is a favorite for foreigners. Along with Zurich are the cities considered as a financial center of Switzerland. However, Genoa offers a wider and more diverse labor market. As for life there, it is obviously one of the most expensive regions, but also, wages are so high that accompany the cost of living.




Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany 15+ cities with greater job opportunities - tinoshare.com

This city has earned a place in the top 5. Germany itself has become a favorite for those looking to have a professional experience abroad destinations. It offers facilities for both those wishing to study and for those who want to work and live there. The unemployment rate is among the lowest in Europe and the cost of living is quite accessible – make it more difficult both to imagine. Munich is also the basis for a large number and variety of international companies, being the favorite of the automotive market.




Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China 15+ cities with greater job opportunities - tinoshare.com

Once again we must return to Asia, in this case, to start the Top 3. The country to which the companies looked until recently as the site of the cheap resources ended up becoming key investments. That has been the case in Shanghai, where countless large corporations have installed. It is a favorite destination for foreigners, so we must also bear in mind that it is a city where competition is rife and must prove you’re the best. Here you will find large financial and technology companies.




London, England

london-england  15+ cities with greater job opportunities - tinoshare.com

The classics never die. The UK, we could not miss in this list, let alone in the Top 3. The capital maintains a strong appeal commercial and professional wherever you look. The city of London continues to be of great interest to foreign investment. For those wanting to try their luck in this city should know that, as in the rest of Europe, it is easier to get a stable job if you have a European passport. Another thing to consider is that the cost of living here is quite high, but so often wages.




Seattle, United States

seattle-city 15+ cities with greater job opportunities - tinoshare.com

Beyond the severe economic crisis that hit the country in 2008, the United States remains one of the favorite choices when it comes to a career. Surely you thought this place would be occupied by New York, but due to the cost of living and the unemployment rate is one of the best options in the country. However, Seattle has become a great option due to a number of labor proposals and large computer companies, technology, and communications have been installed there. This city has a good relationship between wages and rent, so it becomes more accessible.