15 Expert’s count on the Best Digital Marketing Strategies


15 experts unveil their tricks and what they consider more important in digital marketing in the next few years. Each one summarized its contribution in the III Annual Meeting of Marketing Agencies, with more than 100 agencies and more than 300 attendees. The event was held at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid and was attended by the best professionals in the sector.

Between the debates and the lectures, the speakers had a moment to highlight the most important thing that every marketing manager.

Max Camuñas From Hoyreka

The first advice for those companies that want to dedicate themselves to this world is the specialization. That its contents are of the highest quality possible and addressed to a specialized audience, that is to say, that they position themselves in a market niche. It is also important that you know your audience to conquer it. The big innovations in this sector are the new social networks like Snapchat, Periscope and Facebook live.

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Ana Nieto de Webempresa 2.0

A good tip for marketing companies is the differentiation of content, for it one of the keys may be Amazon. It is the third search engine behind Google and Youtube. The content in book format is also very powerful for some businesses. The audio content or podcast have the advantage of retention and loyalty are ideal for the potential customer.

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Nano Lamberti  of  Synchro

It is important to be able to integrate the new social networks (Snapchat and Periscope) in the strategies of the brands. Perhaps not all brands are still prepared to work with them since the user is not yet accustomed to such networks.

Another valuable advice would be to surround yourself with the best specialists in the sector. In the world of Online Marketing we can find more than 20 specialties, it is important to have a superficial knowledge of everything, but logically it is best to specialize in one of these branches.

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Luis Navarro  from  Hellomedia

We are at a very interesting time of social networks, we do not know how to predict the future. New networks and new strategies are emerging. However, it is the right time to launch and try. The most important thing is to bet on relevant content for users.

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Melania Pebble from 

One of the keys to Online Marketing today is the user experience, we should focus on this idea any type of action. On the other hand, the content is fundamental. These contents must be adapted to the interests of users. Within the content, the video format is the one that is sweeping, so are emerging many social networks with Snapchat and Periscope. Nor can we forget the applications for mobile, more and more the user prefers to use this type of devices.

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Monica Rojo From Fanquimia

The most important thing in digital advertising is the user, you have to know how to segment very well so that it really is effective.

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Rita González  from  RKpeople

In the last year have broken new social networks that are won many users like Snapchat or Periscope. But more traditional networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram continue to make adaptations and continue to include novelties to not be left behind. Talking about networks that are going to overthrow others is quite complicated, the future is fairly immediate and we do not play it.

This year there are many trends in networks, we can highlight live videos from Periscope or Facebook Live. The immediacy is something that both premium content and responses, ie in managing social networks. Users are very accustomed to having things here and now, you have to be open and give an immediate response in networks.

The advertising on social networks is growing a lot, it will increase the subject of segmentations by a public, it is going to go to more specialized niches and new formats.

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Elena Mayor of La Manada

In this Meeting of Agencies, we have learned a lot about the trend in social networks. Snapchat and Periscope impose themselves as new marketing tools. It is not so clear if other more classic networks will disappear.

All Online Marketing agencies have their niche, each one has a specialty, each one has a team of creatives and we need all of us.

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Juan González Villa From Ernesto Olivares

Rather than trying to trick Google, it is more interesting to focus on the user and try to keep him happy.  The user experience is becoming more important, so the strategies of both SEO and other things have to go in line with that.

In SEO sometimes we get obsessed with Google, but there are other platforms and other media such as quality infographics, Medium, Linkedin or Slideshare among others.

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Alvaro Peña Alonso Of  Two Seventy

Email marketing is still very much alive. Technology has come a long way since it started, now it allows us to perform A / B testing, measure and automate.

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Pedro Abad de Elogia Spain

Email marketing does not just die, it remains one of the most effective tools. It is a mistake to turn it into a mass marketing tool when in fact we have the opportunity to work with a tool based on personalization. Email marketing allows us to work one to one, the concept of automation and CRM.

Another fundamental advice is that there is no formula that works in all cases, we must work with each user thinking what they want to hear, what we can tell them, when we can be with them and when we should be on the sidelines.

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David Llamas From Redegal

It is necessary to prove, the Email Marketing is to prove, to fail, to analyze and to discover that it works badly. You have to analyze the users, but do not base everything on analytics but really know what content you can offer in a personalized way. It is very interesting to discover all the tools that exist in Email Marketing and try them all, once you find the one that you like the most you must go deep into it. You also have to work hard on creatives, issues, copies and introduce animated Gifs.

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Jaume Mañà Casals  Of  Your 360º Marketing 

Email marketing is good if you do not get spam, you have to do a good praxis in sending the newsletter. It is also very important to create a good newsletter, that the message to the customer is correct and that in the end, that message becomes a sale.

We must be open to any novelty, we do not know if we are in the present or we are already in the future.

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 Carlos Herrero from Coconut Republic

One of the conclusions that we can draw from this Meeting of Agencies is that we can not see the SEM in an isolated way, we can not treat it separately we have to see it as a global strategy. A company that wants to obtain results either with online advertising or with SEO will have to carry out a comprehensive strategy in which the different legs support each other when it comes to forming the table.

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 Isma Varela by  Mr.Kiwi

The Meeting of Agencies has become the most anticipated event of the year, it is always good to meet the marketing professionals. I keep that Email Marketing is a good action but we have to work the CRM and have good databases segmented to work well.

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