15 Habits of Successful Marketers & Seller | Business Professionals, Tricks and Tips

15 Habits of Successful Marketers & Seller | Business Professionals, Tricks and Tips - tinoshare.com - blogowebgo.com
15 Habits of Successful Marketers & Seller | Business Professionals, Tricks and Tips - tinoshare.com - blogowebgo.com

There was a day when the commercial world (sales) was my passion. My first job was as a clerk (commercial) and before the age of 24 years had the honor and pleasure of preparing large commercial equipment. Perhaps most think that to sell must have a special talent or gift, and maybe some people already have some attitudes that make them easier to be what we call a successful salesperson, but if we talk about talent … the talent is not everything. In fact, one thing that their habits that vendors usually have success, and quite another are sales techniques that can be taught. When preparing new vendors to join the company, before starting to prepare, I knew a margin of error, a good seller who would and who would not.

Only you had to observe their behavior, their body language, their attention when listening and above all, his humility as a person. I finally came to the conclusion that the habits needed to be a good salesman, they are not very different from those needed to be a good investor, a good businessman, and even a good seducer. Similarly, errors or bad habits that had the rest of vendors are those who would turn that person into an “unfit” for investment, not suitable for undertaking and not for other things. While not everyone You can become the number one seller, yes we can look at what the leading vendors and improve our habits, because practically, as people, we can be better at everything. It is to propose it and be clear about what we want.

Habits of successful sellers

1. Open to feedback. Mind are able to separate “shell pipe” with anyone. That is, for them everyone can contribute something positive. They are willing to learn the positives of each person and not be influenced by the negative aspects. They remain constantly learn like sponges.

2. Daily perspective. Salesmanship is not a gift. It is very hard work . It is said that to be a professional in what is, at least 1000 hours of practice are needed. The sale can reach even require 5,000 hours. In many professions, problems to be solved are hundreds, once you learn all the time is something mechanical.Excuses, questions, concerns or needs of human beings are not yet defined in any manual, as they are endless, as each person is different from the rest. The art of selling is to be able to direct each of these people in your field, which, in this case, is the closing of a sale. That there is only one way to learn, and “every day every day for the rest of the day.”

3. Customer research. It is clear that this step could not give a sale “cold calls,” but if we have an appointment with the director or manager of a company purchases, very few ever stop to analyze that company, its distributor, the prices at which they sold their supplier, etc … and a sale, the fewer things leave it to chance, more likely to have success.

4. They sell themselves. Selling only one product or service is not enough. You must have confidence in your worth to any commercial transaction. You must be confident that you are the most capable person in your field, and take care of your customer perceives that and knows how to recognize that this trade agreement will come out on top to be able to receive from you a great value.

5. Take care of them. . Give a very good first impression already says the famous saying: “I never get a second chance to change a bad first impression”. The way you dress, your gestures, your posture, your first words … create an impression on the other person’s eye. If that impression is good, the customer will be more receptive if the first impression is bad, the salesperson’s job will be twofold: “First build confidence as a person and then build confidence with the product.”

6. Know off in every respect. If a seller is not able to separate the problems home with your partner, with your children off to sell them in the head, he is lost, then you can enter what we call the circle Vicious: “You bring home problems, do not give up on the job because of these problems coming home with the problem of not having sold at work and the next day continued the wheel.” . I saw how big sellers have entered into a completely self-destructive cycle by failing to separate personal issues from work. I know that many think they can not be separated, and, believe me, even that you get to learn.

7. They believe in the product they sell. If a salesperson believes in the product you sell, you do not need too many sales techniques to defend. If you do not believe in the product, its sale will unconsciously constantly lie to him, and that does not have passion in selling the product. If we lack that passion, we are a lame seller. There are few companies that dedicate the time necessary to sell the product to their vendors before they take to the streets to sell.

8. Often opinion leaders. I propose an exercise. Enter a practicing Catholic religious community where there is a group of 10 people. 2 only convinces them that abortion is the solution to an unwanted pregnancy and be the very successful salesman. Most top salespeople I have met are able to refute the irrefutable to a group of people and leave the group without arguments without ever raising his voice. Always with respect, education, and elegance, other qualities are good sellers.

9. They are disciplined. Not only at work but in life in general. This is similar to an inverter, and therefore we have to be disciplined in our approach and in our simplest habits.

10. They are excellent communicators. The communication not only depends on our speaking ability, which many believe. A good communicator is distinguished by a great skills in listening. We must also become adept at knowing how to read the body language of our customers, whether they are current or potential customers.

11. They are confident people. If you do not trust yourself, who is going to do ?. Successful sales and successful people in any field of life, self-confidence emerge. They are good at what they do, they know they are good, they know their worth and show it every day, so do not worry derogatory remarks product of jealousy or envy or enter the cloth in such conflicts. Usually excellent at work and humble as individuals.

12. Often give more than they receive. As you are a great seller within a team, usually the recognition of all as professional it is, but it may feel just as the people in the company can come to think you do not need any help or advice, and instead, these people tend to help in any way they can to the seller that begins and usually does not expect anything in return. It complies with the satisfaction of having helped a fellow. Just not usually the typical person who are afraid to teach what they know to others because of the risk that they will be overcome.

13. Use time wisely. Probably good salespeople spend less working hours than the rest, but their hours are much more productive. Do not waste time with clients who have noticed the five minutes is not paying enough attention. Thus, they avoid “burning” the anti-purchase excuses and keep that energy for next. To be more organized than the rest also they spend less time stopping to think “what do I do and where I’m going now.”

14. Learn continuously. If you want to earn more, you learn more. Good marketers know that both failure and success can be temporary and therefore action produced (in success) as inaction (in failure). They also know that when they have managed to get high is no time to rest, but to remain ambitious. You do not know if tomorrow the wind will blow in your favor, so take advantage of the most favorable moments.

15. Avoid these errors. I could make a long list of mistakes that most people who will be dedicated to sales, but that are not errors themselves in this profession, but rather attitudes or habits that a person must change.