15+ Top Best Tips to become a vegetarian | TinoShare

15+ Top Best Tips to become a vegetarian | TinoShare
15+ Top Best Tips to become a vegetarian | TinoShare

There is a long list of reasons to start out a diet vegetarian and change the style of life by one healthier and lighter. Whether for your philosophy or your health, changing eating habits need to be taken with care, planning and respect your body. Like any transition, it will take time and it is necessary that you are informed and punts all your doubts. Here you will find information and tips for a balanced vegetarian diet.

How to become a vegetarian?:


Begins to investigate

Explore uses the Internet to gather information, search for books. There are many different reasons why it was decided to start having a vegetarian diet. Whatever the drives you, delves into it, find out more. Get the benefits of a vegetarian diet, demystifies beliefs on vegetarianism, learn what your body needs to stay healthy. Investigate and find your answers!


Know the options

There are many variables in the vegetarianism that allow you to include necessary food for you. It is very important that you know and choose one that fits your body, your age and your health. Semi-vegetarians or flexitarians are the ones who usually avoid eating animal products, but when they need to eat meat or fish. Pesci-vegetarians are those who eat fish, eggs and dairy, but no meat or poultry. A lacto-ovo vegetarian diet is the most common meats of all kinds are avoided and eggs (ovo), milk (lacto) and its derivatives are consumed. Variants are ovo-vegetarian and lacto-vegetarian. There are also vegan diets avoid all animal products, milk, eggs, honey, cheeses and meats.


Think for yourself and share

Talk to vegetarians who can give you advice and tell their own experience. Also talk to non-vegetarians. Compare lifestyles. Choose for yourself freely. Listen to your body. What do you need? What foods give you more energy, more vitality? What foods you feel heavy and difficult to digest? It is important that the decision you make is conscious and benefit your whole body. Make contact with your body and see what it says.


Medical check

Another important point before beginning a vegetarian diet seriously is that you take a medical examination. The advice of a health professional can help when choosing between different dietary choices and help you be aware of how your body and mostly what you need, what benefits him and what not.


Collects recipes and cooking yourself

Collects recipes and be surprised with new processing and new flavors. Take a course or get vegetarian cooking magazines and books. The big tip when preparing vegetarian meals is creativity. The flavor combinations are endless. It is a new world, have fun while you discover. And at lunchtime, do it slowly, savoring well, share your meals. Be like a child!


Experiment and explore

By changing your diet you will be changing your lifestyle. Jump into the adventure of exploring more or raw food diets such as macrobiotic. Try any dish vegetarian restaurants. Explore more related with your new lifestyle, ways to collaborate with animal interests, the environment, new ways to exercise. There is a world to discover.


Listen to yourself

Always comes back to listen to your body, try to be attentive and sensitive to their needs. Your body knows what you need and not misleading. Eat when hungry, sleep when you need to rest. Respect your body. Shortly after taking a vegetarian diet you will notice that the heaviness disappears. The vegetarian diet revitalizes the body and energetic.


It includes proteins

It is important to include good quality protein to your diet. Soy and its derivatives such as tempeh, tofu and milk, contain minerals and vitamins needed on a vegetarian diet. It includes legumes, whole grains, vegetables and nuts. If you decide to consume eggs, these will provide high-quality protein.


Expand your diet

Many food needed and the ideal is that the diet you choose not restrictive since it is risky to fall in nutritional deficiencies. Therefore it is important to plan your watching fruits, seeds, cereals, whole grains, legumes and nuts diet. You can also choose a natural nutritional supplement like spirulina and maca.


Consume calcium

You can get calcium from many foods without resorting to animal. Green vegetables, particularly the turnip greens and broccoli, legumes, almonds and other nuts, tofu and seeds contain good amounts of calcium.