It is not the first article we do in this regard, is that listening is priceless life lessons that others can give us because of their own experience.

We return to profit by the popular wisdom that Quora users have left me again pleasantly surprised at the question from a user :

“What are the main things that a person should know about life?”. Select those from tinoshare consider the best advice. Some of them, large home truths users with a great ride on their backs.

1. People who really care about you, are not as interested in your achievements and possessions.

It’s called love or sincere friendship, and eventually learn to discover when someone compliments of heart for a new job or promotion and really happy for your happiness. Not always the person who is closest to congratulate you on your success; is the person you most want to have at hand. We must always hold on and not miss those who remain with us in times of difficulty.

2. Organizing your life around money will not make you happy.

Focus on your passion. Not in your salary. A person who has met a man who spent his life saving and accumulating wealth for retirement. He died of cancer before touching the money. Remember that happiness is not a goal we set out to achieve. It should be our way of life that every day makes us happy.

3. The debts are not an inevitable burden in adulthood.

We have been taught that an adult usually has responsibilities and payables. Should be avoided as far as possible; taking our adulthood in dangerous debt, because when we entered the circle of debt, our life becomes a constant struggle and it is terribly difficult to try to get out of them. Debts also block our ability to save and invest, and thus prevent the growth of our money jeopardizing our personal finances.

4. You must always be prepared for the unexpected.

No matter planning (although it is always advisable to plan), it does not matter the situation you’re going through (either positive or negative). At any moment everything can change. The biggest problems in life are those that appear in our life. For those problems that do not have a plan B, just be your improvisation and adaptation to the new environment.

5. You must always go beyond where you initially wanted.

To succeed you have to beat others. Once you’re on top, you must surpass yourself each day. Only then you will remain on top.

6. Must have Religion!


7. Living in the present will keep you focused.

Accept that the past can not be changed and that our future depends on our actions only in this will prevent useless nostalgia suffer from avoidable and unnecessary stress depression.

8. People who are very different from you can enrich your life.

Surrounding yourself with the same people; you limit your creativity and learning. Surround yourself with very different people and widely different thoughts; you will grow a faster and learn more.

9. It is important that you continue taking risks until you find your passion.

If you are not doing what you really passionate about and does not make you happy, do not settle or later curse every day of your life for not having taken the risk at least trying.

10. You will die.

People live ignoring the greater truth of life, and that is certainly going to die. Knowing that, salt to live intensely, because life ends at some point.

11. Protect your reputation.

Watch your reputation at all times. Not worth get out of the way. Try to be honest, honest, reliable and friendly. Sooner or later people will notice and your children will thank you.

12. Never take big decisions guided by emotions.

A reaction in a moment of emotion can destroy your life, making you lose a couple, a business or a job. When you must make a big decision, be sure to be in a neutral emotional state; no anger, no panic or overly excited.

13. Happiness is a choice.

Your attitude is one of those things you can choose. You can choose to be happy and optimistic or be a negative and bitter person. But remember that no one is to blame. To be happy or bitter is a decision that only you have interfered.

14. Confidence in yourself is the key to success.

The title already says everything.

15. Everything can change at any time.

No matter who you are, what you are, what you have achieved and where you are. Everything can change at any time. It is not what you want, it is God how he wants – Quote from Muslims meaning, you will get what you desire but in a different and better way how God will give you. Believe in One God!

16. Everyone is afraid.

Knowing that everyone has fears is the best way to accept these fears and anxiety dominate. There is not a single person in the world who is not afraid of anything. And if that person exists is because his life is so empty that has nothing / no one to lose.

Always remember these simple tips, for at some point find out the value of these words, but right now it may seem insignificant.