The 2 best voice chat programs for gamers


Currently, there are many voice-oriented software for gamers. However, there are some of these that stand out more than others for differences in yields and profits comparing them with others. It should be noted that Skype does not recommend to use voice communication in online video games.

This article does not talk about TeamSpeak 3, because TS3 is a lousy option since it is very lacking of free servers. Also, its application for Android is not free like the ones I will mention below and other problems that have TS3 that I will not continue explaining in this article as it would not end today. Of the two programs, I will talk about are the most recommended today. Possibly update this article as more programs are emerging or changing existing ones.

Razer Comms

Razer Comms consumes few resources and is very fast. You can adjust the volume of each person in the conversation, to decrease the volume of those who speak higher and increase the volume of those who speak lower. It has “IN-GAME”, this means that you can see the people you talk to while playing, thus easily telling you who is speaking at the moment.

Razer Comms is quite favourable if you play League of Legends, since it is at the beginning of a game it tells you with and against whom you play. Showing the KDA, Runes, Masters, Winrate, a number of games played and division and league of the players of that game. An example:

If what you are playing is League of Legends this is the ideal program for you.

Another thing that Razer Comms has is that it has its own server and you connect to it. Not like the backwards programs like TeamSpeak that you need to connect to other users’ servers that hardly shows up is worthwhile or you put your own server or you pay for one.

Another very good thing about Razer Comms is that you can see the games your friends are playing at the moment. Of course, this is with the friends that you have added and that are online in the Razer client.

Razer Comms is 100% free and is available for Windows and Android. Page to download Razer Comms


Discord is also a good choice and I think it is the best. Consumes even fewer resources than Razer Comms and apart from having a desktop application and for mobile, it has a web application that works through the browser. Which does not make it mandatory that you have to download the application since from the same browser you can use the program. The current interface of the program is like the following image.

The program is very secure and offers free servers. Another feature is that you can set Discord to work differently if you do Stream, hiding any information to avoid privacy issues. It also has a good feature of being able to make mentions and hashtags. Discord is available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and according to them soon for Linux. You can download it and find out more information about this application on the official Discord website