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20+ Ideas For Business for Rental Businesses - tinoshare.com

I love businesses that have to do with rent or rent something. Why?..

Because surely we all have something that can be given for rent or can get with some moderate investment; something that can become an extra income or a profitable rental business.


Advantages of a Business Rentals

  • A rental business is a relatively easy business to operate in which your property work for you by the time the proportions for rent.
  • You make an initial investment and then you only need a minimum maintenance item investment income.
  • You can start with little and go increasing your inventory of items for rent gradually as in the same business you will generate profits to re-invest.

20 Things – Rent and Earn Money


  1. Rent costume. You elaborate costumes and rent per day. Ideal for school activities or any other kind of requirement.
  2. Income multimedia gunboats. It consists of audiovisual equipment rental which may include the projector, sound, and screen. Ideal for college or small business presentations. The equipment is rented per hour.
  3. Rental inflatable bouncers. These are inflatable games that you can rent for children’s parties or commercial activities. We give a rent by the hour and must contemplate the installation and removal thereof.
  4. Rental of trampolines. Similar to the above but focused specifically on the income of trampolines for children’s entertainment. You need an operator or assistant to control the time of use and you can collect it by minutes of use.
  5. Rental vehicles. It definitely requires more investment but you can start with a vehicle and lease it to companies that require it for business trips. It is rented per day and should include depreciation and maintenance.
  6. Car ornamentals. You can have your own beautiful nursery plants and offer them for rent for decoration at special events such as weddings, fifteen years, and any other kind of celebration or festivity.
  7. Rental houses and apartments. If you count with a house or property you use to rent it can not furnish it and get extra income. You can rent it for short seasons or annual periods. It is advisable to make a contract providing for payment terms and responsibilities for the care of the property.
  8. Income ranches for summer. Similar to the previous point, this is the rent of houses and ranches near the beaches for vacationers who just want to spend a few days. It is essential that has all the amenities of the case and can be rented at very good prices.
  9. Bicycle rental. In tourist spots is very common for visitors wishing to explore the surroundings without having to walk too or simply enjoy the pleasure of cycling. You can ride a bicycle rental business per hour or per day. Also applies to areas or university campus.
  10. Rental of works of art. Maybe this option is not well known, however, it is becoming more popular and required for the decoration of rooms for certain high ceremonies. You can rent some interesting collection of works such as paintings and sculptures and offer them for rent for such events.
  11. Income photocopiers. Many companies require this important service, yet they refuse to invest in machines and maintenance. Hence, a good solution is the rent of photocopiers including supplies and maintenance.
  12. Video game rental. Video game consoles are very common, however, the cost of the games can be quite high so offering to rent video games can be an excellent alternative business.
  13. Car washers and dryers. Accounts with a machine washing and drying. Then you can earn extra income by offering this essential service to people in your industry who do not have the machines or the time required for these purposes.
  14. Rent costumes for weddings. An excellent solution for many couples is to find the possibility to rent costumes for groom/knights. Having a set of very attractive outfits for these occasions can be an excellent form of income.
  15. Rent furniture for celebrations. These businesses consist of income tables, boards, chairs, table cloths and even props for celebrations. You can have a set of simple furniture for affordable holidays and rent it per day.
  16. Scaffolding rental. Large and small builders usually make use of scaffolds for their work, so that the income of scaffolding metal is an excellent alternative business. You should consider installing and uninstalling them as an option in the price.
  17. Renting commercial premises. If you have investment capacity, can acquire a store in a mall with good human trafficking and give it for rent. Many people do this and it is a winning formula that works and pays the rent often up to 70% of your purchase letter and in return to have an asset to your name.
  18. Rental wigs. For different purposes, wigs are often an interesting object for rent.Whether that you elaborate or acquire that surely you have customers interested in the service.
  19. Rental football fields. If you have to acquire space or rent one, you can prepare it for soccer events and rent the sports fields. This is a good concept for teams wishing to participate in tournaments or friendly matches and will rent your tennis delighted.
  20. Income wheelchairs. Ideal for people in recovery, you can have one or more wheelchairs available for rent for a short period of time. Also applies to crutches, canes, and other rehabilitation.

As you can see, the range of items is very large and the possibilities only depend on your own creativity. In fact, some say that everything can rent and give in rent and is not far that every day there are more things we can rent.

Another additional idea I would like to add here is to ask you of what do you think to collaborate any of this ideas as for a future business? How? Well, technology is moving very fast and it ould be amazing if you work on the apps or open a website to run these businesses. Think about it :)

And, you? Do you have other ideas for renting to add here?


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