20 Tools to Remotely Run a Company (P2)


Globalization and the incorporation of new technologies have greatly influenced the management of companies over recent years. On the one hand, more and more people work remotely from home.

Furthermore, managers of companies with presence and international projection tend to travel a lot, to the point that in some periods, spend more time outside the office than in it. That telecommuting, workers, and managers, can pose some challenges, especially communication and coordination internally. Fortunately, today, there are a number of technological tools that allow us to minimize these challenges. Here are some of them.

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11. Narrow.io

This tool is ideal for achieving more followers on Twitter. Using modern marketing techniques specifically designed to Twitter, Narrow helps us to build a targeted audience. We just have to type some keywords or hashtags related to our company, service, product, cause or business; automatically identify the most relevant. Narrow quickly go public and increase our fan base.


12. Trade Ability

The free tool Trade Ability UPS is ideal for companies that need to ship their products, because it allows to estimate shipping costs and provides information on tariffs and possible international trade restrictions.

13. Infusionsoft

It is a powerful marketing and sales tool for small business that allows graphical display of each step of the sales and marketing strategy of a business. Infusionsoft centralizes all customer interactions and daily activities in one place, considerably facilitating their management and automates repetitive tasks, such as tracking, for members of the company can save time and be more productive.


14. Zendesk

Zendesk is ideal for companies that need to provide customer service, because it allows us to manage all customer interactions (emails, tweets, facebook messages …) in a single space and from anywhere.


15. Time Trade

This tool allows our clients and colleagues can see our availability and book a date and time to meet us . Information Time Trade is automatically synchronized with Google Calendar.It is ideal if we have to travel a lot and our availability is limited.


16. VPN Express

Having a virtual private network (Virtual Private Network or VPN) is essential if we travel to certain countries, such as China, Thailand or Indonesia, where navigation is restricted Web and many sites are blocked. If these countries want to visit from the web sites you usually sail in ours, we need a VPN. One of the best tools for this is Express VPN. They will provide a high – speed network Ultrasafe without blocked content. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

17. Buffer

This tool is ideal when our customers or the public are in a different time zone than ours . In such cases, manage social networks can be very complex. Buffer allows us to program our publications on a wide variety of platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn) and automate the task to always occurs within a suitable time for people who follow us on these networks. It also shows statistics on the extent, compartitions, mentions, etc .; of our publications. It can be installed as a browser extension. There are also compatible versions for Android and iOS , and even there Apple Watch version.


18. Prezi

Prezi is a tool based on the cloud that lets you create, edit and display presentations from a browser, desktop, iPad or iPhone anywhere and anytime. It is very easy to use and includes some fabulous effects with impressive moves and sophisticated design. In addition, changes are synchronized between devices to have at hand at all times the latest version.


19. Paypal

This tool becomes especially useful when working remotely. With it we can safely send money anywhere without worrying about exchange rates, payments by mail or if a bank is reliable or not. We can also link a card MasterCard PayPal to our account to buy more easily and safely on the Internet.


20. Prey

This tool does not help run a business, but if you travel frequently, the chances of being robbed mobile or tablet are many . In that case, Prey will be of great help, allowing us toquickly locate them. To do this, we will send information about your location, camera images and screenshots of the device.

Extra tools: Fixner

Fixner is a management tool for cloud professional services companies. The great pointin its favor is that it includes, in a single tool, all you need to manage these businesses: CRM for managing customer relations, project management and cost control, advanced management work orders and tasks and even automatic billing of the tasks performed.