20 Tricks to Strengthen Memory

20 Tricks to Strengthen Memory

You don’t know where you left the keys? When is your wife’s birthday? If your brain plays tricks on you, it’s time to put your memory to work and make those mistakes become a thing of the past.

Tips to strengthen memory (1 to 10)

Here’s a list of 10 simple and entertaining activities you can do to keep your memory young:

  1. Read a book. Reading is a pleasure, a pleasant hobby, but also one of the best ways to enhance our memory. And reading helps to expand and manage vocabulary correctly, improves your ability to understand language and encourages imagination, all abilities related to memory. In addition, sometimes there are books that require us to pay special attention to different names, data or relationships between characters that force us to work, even more, memory.
  2. Storytellers. There are many people who do not enjoy books or who prefer group activities. No problem. Surely it will be entertaining to read a story to the little ones of the house or to approach a center of majors and to do it for the residents. If your imagination allows you, it is great that you can invent stories and thus, in addition to having a good time with them, you will work your memory to remember data so that your cartoon is credible.
  3. Study again. What do you think about joining the Distance University or a University for the elderly and studying a career? Maybe you do not want to go on a multi-year adventure, but you can do some training or even help your children, nephews or grandchildren with their homework. This will force you to remember concepts, words or formulas that you thought you had already forgotten.
  4. Sign up for classes study. Surely we all know some young man who spends many hours in front of books, but then the notes in his exams do not correspond to so much effort. Now there are also many adults who must study (competitions, refresher courses, a master’s degree …), so good study techniques have been revalued. Experts will be able to indicate how to enhance memory in the studio with tricks ranging from the association of ideas, mnemonic techniques or the grouping of information.
  5. Listen to music. There are hundreds of studies that support that listening to music, preferably classical, improves and maintains brain functions at all stages of life. And it is that music stimulates brain cells, which helps mental concentration, memory and visual and auditory development.
  6. Ponte to play. Get rid of boredom and spend a good evening with your family or friends with a board game or a deck of cards. Depending on the type of game, different abilities are enhanced, although, in general terms, memory, logical reasoning, language management or verbal fluency are worked. You can always choose games that are more educational than others, but practically everyone will help you get your brain going.
  7. Make hobbies. They not only serve to fill the leisure time, the hours spent in the subway or a waiting room, since hobbies also strengthen memory. In this sense, crossword puzzles and letter soups activate language management, popular sudokus enhance mathematical skills, hieroglyphics stimulate logical thinking, and games of finding differences favor visual attention.
  8. Make crafts. This activity can also help strengthen memory because the creativity, agility and coordination hands of those with visual ability forces the brain to put the batteries. If you consider yourself a “manazas”, do not despair because we are not talking about doing very elaborate things, small tasks such as sewing, pottery, catering or even the kitchen may suffice.
  9. Order your memories. There are many things worth remembering in our lives and all of them will also help us to work the memory. Order your old photo albums and those old images will make you try to remember where that photo was made, what that old friend is called that you have not seen for many years, when you went to that place for the last time … It is also a good idea to order Papers or old letters, since, in addition to that your shelves and drawers will look better, the effect is similar.
  10. Use technology. They say that many of the technological advances have made us think less and less, but fortunately there are also many options that help us to improve our health.And is that have become fashionable computer programs and video games that help us to do physical exercise, but also mental. Logic activities, pairs games or visual skills exercises or that require memorizing data are some of the proposals of these healthy games.
  11. Eat well. Food also plays an important role in our task of reinforcing memory. It is key that we choose foods rich in certain substances that help the brain to work well. Thus, we must include foods rich in phosphorus (cocoa powder, egg yolk, oily fish, almonds, dairy products …), potassium (avocados, bananas , wheat germ, oranges …) and magnesium (sunflower seeds, peanuts, soybeans, whole grains …). We must also assure the brain its necessary contribution of glucose, better assimilation slow.
  12. Opting for supplements. There are certain substances that help improve our memory because they have made antioxidants or improve circulation. For example, green tea is one of the best antioxidants, oregano improves blood circulation in the brain, as do the gingko biloba or ginseng.
  13. Drink in moderation. Alcohol is not a good friend of our brain and is that there is more to see how it tries to talk, think or recite a person with a few more drinks. These so devastating effects are not accompanied with red wine, in moderation, because it contains resveratrol, a beneficial flavonoid for the arteries and, of course, also for blood to reach the brain.
  14. Cultivate your interest. There is no doubt that things that interest us are better remembered than things that are not. For this reason, it is important that we turn to affairs and, if they seem boring, try to associate them with other things more enjoyable for you. If you are able to recite the lineup of your favorite football team, you will also be able to remember other things that you like less, you just have to try a little harder.
  15. Practice meditation. According to a study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in collaboration with Harvard and Yale universities, meditation can help strengthen areas of the cerebral cortex in charge of processing and processing external sensory stimuli. In addition to combat stress and anxiety, it seems that the practice of daily meditation has more benefits.
  16. Make exercise. Mental exercise is important for strengthening memory, but so is physical. And it is that the practice of exercise helps to improve the oxygenation of the brain, which allows it to work better.
  17. Use your other hand. Whether you’re dexterous as if you’re left – handed, it is important not to forget that you have another hand. Doing small tasks with the hand we are not used to causes our brain to be forced to create new connections. From now on, open the doors with the other hand, draw, put the clock on the other arm or simply remove the food in the pan: your brain will thank you.
  18. Grab a pencil and paper. It is proven that writing helps to remember things. It is not that we self-punish ourselves copying 500 times something, but do it a few times or read it aloud while we write it. Also at this point it is important to make an agenda and write down all the citations, obligations and data that we do not want to be passed on to us.
  19. Calm down. When you can not remember where you left off something, what someone is called or what time it is a certain date, it is likely that you will become increasingly nervous and that stress will definitely block the memory. Try to calm down, close your eyes, breathe deeply and think about it again a few minutes later when you’re so overwhelmed by the cluelessness initial. Surely you end up remembering.
  20. Rest well. When we are sleeping our brain does not rest and is that, for him, it is time to classify all the information that has been absorbing throughout the day. Therefore, pauses are so important in the study and so is sleep enough.