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How to download books, magazines, PDF file from ISSUU? Simple!
Thanks to these online tools, now we can download pdf, magazines, powerpoint online with just one click.

But, what is ISSUU?


Issuu is an online service that, in a context of rise of so – called e-books, to publish and share networked documents as portfolios, books, magazines or reports with a format attractive and dynamic visualization and the possibility also of other users to locate, share or give their opinion on them, from the personal profile of the author or through groups.

A tool 2.0, in summary and as noted by some users, intended as, for documents, like YouTube is for videos and Flickr for images, and beyond its publishing functionality incorporates therefore other own social networking.

Since everyone uploads their files in Issue, some user might want to have a copy for offline use. But, the problem is, sometimes users block the options for downloading the magazines, pdf and other files that we are not able to find the download button. Well, here it comes an option of using online tools for downloading issue pdf files.

4+ Online Tools to Download Files from ISSUU

1. Robsonmartins.com

This is an online tool made easy to use for downloading not only issuu pdf files but also from other webs. To do, you have to:

  1. Copy the address link of the file2+1 Online Tools to Download PDF File from ISSUU - tinoshare.com
  2. Go to www.robsonmartins.com/inform/issuu/
  3. Paste it in “Publication URL:” then click on download button.2+1 Online Tools to Download PDF File from ISSUU - tinoshare.comIt will not take much time and will automatically download the file. Also, note that this website is not in English so better for you to translate it with Google Translator

2. Utilidades.gatovolador

This has the similar function as the above one. Simply follow the same steps. Copy URL, paste it and download it. utilidades.gatovolador.net/issuu/

2+1 Online Tools to Download PDF File from ISSUU - tinoshare.com

3. Abuouday

Similar story. Copy URL, paste it and download it. issuu-downloader.abuouday.com/

2+1 Online Tools to Download PDF File from ISSUU - tinoshare.com

4. Vebuka

Vebuka.com has the same fuction as above ones. Simply open the pdf file in Issuu and then copy the URL address and past it in Vebuka, then click download. It will load automatically and then gives you the pdf page from where you can Save it to your desktop.



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