23 Airport Caught Ups That Will Shock You | Fun & Interesting Stuff

23 Airport Caught Ups That Will Shock You | Fun & Interesting Stuff - tinoshare.com
23 Airport Caught Ups That Will Shock You | Fun & Interesting Stuff - tinoshare.com

There are few times we have seen in various media airports arrests for d**g trafficking, with mules with much chutzpah when hide their merchandise. But this is the most typical case arrested in airports, but not the only one you will spend at least some time between police.

We no longer speak only of the prohibited items aboard an aircraft, is that controls airports from around the world, while the United States takes the cake, we have seen a variety of objects and “stuff” you deserve be appointed in the following list .

1. Palomas pants

We warn in the previous paragraph that the cases would be rare, and this is a clear example. In 2009 a man was arrested in Australia with two live pigeons stuffed into the legs of his pants, but still, they were well protected in padded envelopes . To make matters worse, the man was also carrying seeds and eggplant in his luggage.

Doves well protected

2. The typical figure of opium hidden cat …

The issue figures apparently harmless d**g that is quite just hiding under appeal, but hey, if you use some cats could always sneak. But controls JFK airport in New York soon found that those cats coming from Thailand had something rare , is that opium hidden. But the figures were pretty …

The typical figure of opium hidden cat ...

3. Live … rather, it is dead

Repatriate a corpse is not cheap, so the solution was simple, they must have thought these German residents in England. The widow and step-daughter of a man of 91 years died wanted to ship it on a plane, saying he was just pale and asleep. Sunglasses she wore did little , although the family still insisted that the dead was very much alive.

4. Alarm by a person treated with chemotherapy

If having to be treated by cancer chemotherapy were not enough, he had to spend a sick in a Russian airport for your treatment was not willingly. From South Korea, the woman set off alarms Vladivostok airport , to give some results of radioactivity 15 times higher than usual. Everything was clear when they learned of the passing disease, but before the terminal were closed several hours.

5. Diapers at your age? Or a hideout for cocaine?

It is true that some aircraft seats are nothing comfortable, so many travelers choose to get comfortable before boarding. One option for this very crazy but finally after option would be to mulch a diaper our back. But these temporary arrivals at JFK from the Dominican Republic in carrying 6.5 kilos of cocaine them .

¿Diapers at your age?  Or a hideout for cocaine?

6. A well hidden dagger in a comb

There are objects that at first glance may seem completely harmless, like a comb, but sometimes hide dangerous weapons. That is what is found in the Kahului Airport in Hawaii, among others. The handle of the comb really hiding a dagger, a weapon that obviously can not be introduced into the cockpit of a plane.

A well hidden dagger in a comb

7. A cassette loaded properly

What a relic, they think of the airport control where they met with this cassette. You might think it would be someone who had the discography of Masiel or Raphael in the old tapes, but really the player hiding within it a .45 caliber pistol with four magazines.

A cassette may well be a hiding place for a gun

8. No matter that belongs to your ancestors ax

As much as you have a lot of affection, there are certain items that can not go through the check prior to boarding an aircraft. Obviously, a tomahawk ax commonly used in the past by Native Americans and European settlers, is one of those items that you should not try to get on a plane and unless accompanied by a Granada.

No matter that belongs to your ancestors ax

9. A Granada smoke on board? This is not the Counter Strike

Fans Counter Strike or other war games know the usefulness of Granada smoke, but maybe trying to cross the control of an airport with or imitate any boat that is not a good idea. One appeared in the airport control Madison, again, USA.

A Granada smoke on board?  This is not the Counter Strike

10. Where were camping gas with that?

There are people with more and less openly, and more readily escondibles things in a suitcase in hand, but there are cases where we can not understand how certain things trying to sneak in a plane. Who comes up try to take it a gas camping? The case was at the airport in Sacramento, California.

Where they went with that gas camping?

11. Somebody release those birds!

What to wear hidden in his pants leg, besides not seem at all a good hiding, is fashionable animals.Here in Los Angeles airport detected a woman trying to get two birds with an endangered species was China. The poor animals were hidden in a sock, also wrapped in ribbon.

Somebody release those birds!

12. A knife in a book, unprofessional

The book that is hollow inside, leaving hidden inside what we want to hide, can be a good idea to take a library in our homes, but is not it a great hiding place for airport controls. And this knife hidden in a book was quickly detected at the airport in Hawaii.

A knife in a book, unprofessional

13. The package of snuff was a taser

Following the harmless objects that hide something, it is the turn of snuff package. Truth is that smoking kills, but this package is not that just kill is that it can give a good download. The pack of cigarettes concealed a taser was found at the airport in Orlando in 2011.

Snuff package was a taser

14. A landmine? It was only a replica

The cases of people trying to spend more or less prohibited achieved camouflage objects are mixed with those who have a lot of nerve. This is the case of someone who tried to sneak into the airport Vegas a exact replica of a Claymore landmine.

A land mine?  It was only a replica

15. Batman nananananana …

Now a curious weapons. If you are a fan of comics, Batman series or movies know the Batarang, but if you are not is just a kind of shuriken shaped like a bat. Obviously, banned for being a knife, the Batarang was found in the luggage of a traveler in the airport of San Antonio.

... Batman nananananana

16. More grenades

What to wear replicas of dangerous weapons like a fashion among US travelers. This is demonstrated by these hand grenades used in World War II, the players of Call of Duty and the like know to spare.This time they were intercepted at the airport of Louisville.

More grenades

17. Dynamite? Really?

Workers controls the Las Vegas airport would have to really spend “good” because it is not the first example of the things that are there. In this case, someone came out sticks of dynamite, but not until the terminal was evacuated and the bomb squad arrived they did not realize that it was a replica.

¿Dynamite?  Really?

18. A bug that could have ended US crops

Sometimes, consciously or unconsciously, shipments of goods traveling from one country to another can entail using unwanted guests. This is the case of a bug a Hallodapus for anyone who is curious, who broke into a load of screws traveling from Israel to New Jersey destination . Luckily it detected that could have ended the harvest fields of the country.

A bug that could have ended US crops

19. The right to transport gold

What to try to sneak d**gs in hidden in the rectum is quite common country, but in this case we do not talk just for d**gs. It was in an Indian airport where they detected a passenger had on him no more and no less than six bars 100 grams of gold each. What we do not know is how out of there …

The right to transport gold

20. 90 kilos of caterpillars? For own consumption?

Many of us when we travel we took some snacking or even food for a few days, depending on where we travel, but this passenger who arrived at Gatwick Airport (London) ran a little. 90 kilos of dead caterpillars bore in your luggage (I wonder what they would charge for carrying all that weight), and said they were for their own consumption.

¿90 kilos of caterpillars?  For own consumption?Flickr Micoló J

21. The head of a seal, for academic purposes

The issue of transporting animals, alive or dead, not that either newsworthy, but take the head of a seal itself deserves a mention . With that piece in a passenger ship intended to Logan Airport (Boston), which was justified by saying that the dead animal was found, and that he carried his head to show his students biology. How would a mother, retired firefighter ideas.

22. As much as the invoices, you can not carry a gun anti-tank

Some people think that airport security checks only hand luggage, or so we think. Because if we do not get the head that may have been trying to bill an anti-tank weapon going completely unnoticed. Things found at the airport of Pennsylvania.

As much as I factures, you can not carry a gun anti-tank

23. Neither a cannon

Get bulky and made things a traveler thought he could make Hawaii a canyon, but this at least looked harmless. They say it is not the first to be found in US airports, where it seems that anything is possible.

Not a cannon

Bonus track: Teddy forgotten that passed it pipe

To close the article differently and not to speak only of people detained or seized items, we would like to show a much more intimate event. Owen, a boy of eight, took a plane at the airport in Tampa, but unfortunately left his teddy forgotten land, namely Hobbes.

Hobbes in control of the airport

Surely the child did not have the best vacation of your life, thinking that he would never see her beloved stuffed animal, but the surprise was the lap was tremendous. Teddy was collected by workers lost objects, that without thinking twice took the plush ride.

Hobbes and Owen in his reunion

While Owen was in his destiny Hobbes was able to visit the control room, airport firefighters, the ice cream … and stay close with a happy ending, they took care of the bear returned to the hands of Owen on his return . The child was not expecting it at all, and also the workers gave him a book with all the photos of Hobbes stay at the airport.

Cover image | Flickr