24+1 Tips on How to be productive in mind, body and soul!

24+1 Tips on How to be productive in mind, body and soul! - tinoshare.com

Productivity is not only necessarily associated with business and jobs, it is also part of our life, a person who is not productive in his/her personal life will be neither in professional life. Their goal must be to achieve productivity in mind, body and soul.

The entrepreneur must carry in their blood a steady stream of productivity, if it is to achieve its goals smoothly. Productivity is synonymous with efficiency, to do things in less time to produce something using fewer resources. But getting to be productive is not as easy as it sounds, most workers are not looking necessarily be productive, they are content with the tedious processes and they need more time, because they are not accustomed to change.

24+1 Tips on How to be productive in mind, body and soul! - tinoshare.com

Being efficient is to leave the comfort zone and find new ways of doing things, trying new methods and want to be better every day. For this I’ll show you 25 ways to be more productive:

  1. Learn the 80/20 rule, with 20% working 80% produce results.
  2. Focus on what is important, what is urgent represses.
  3. Decide the outcome before you even start.
  4. Start with small ideas to inspire great ideas later on.
  5. Eliminates trivial decisions as what to wear.
  6. Learn to ignore, you do not need to respond to everything.
  7. Write down all the bad ideas that come to mind. A blank page can not be edited later.
  8. Try to time and your money.
  9. Asks “delivery” to save time.
  10. Do not waste time going to the bank to pay your bills, do online.
  11. Make the easiest things first.
  12. Prioritize a task per day.
  13. Sets a daily routine.
  14. Do not make appointments unless decisive.
  15. Do not be a perfectionist.
  16. Take naps when your energy decreases.
  17. Your sleep eight hours.
  18. Visualize your final goal.
  19. Avoid indecision begins before you feel ready.
  20. When in doubt, assume that you are correct.
  21. If you get stuck, do a mind map.
  22. Use just enough, discard what no longer use.
  23. If you do not understand the email, do not respond.
  24. Turn off automatic email news, nothing major happens most of the time.
  25. Do not talk too much about the phone unless it’s an emergency (emergencies are rare).