25+ Facebook Apps for Business Pages

25+ Facebook Apps for Business Pages

Today we can find a great variety of applications for Facebook with which we can improve and enhance our Fan page. Depending on our objective, we will select one or the other to improve the user experience and take advantage of the engagement with the brand.

Advantages of installing applications on Facebook:

  1. Branding your brand: Facebook is mainly a social network with which to improve the presence of the brand on the internet, and thanks to some applications we will be able to enhance our brand image.
  2. Redirect traffic to your website:  Another great advantage of using certain applications for Facebook is to be able to take users to the website of our business and turn them into potential customers of our products or services.
  3. Increase followers: Through sweepstakes, promotions, offers, etc. Made with specific applications we will be able to increase the number of followers.
  4. Get feedback from your users:  Your own customers are going to be your best prescribers, so it is important to listen to their opinion about your brand. You can use different applications to get it.
  5. Promote products and services: Facebook is an ideal medium for presenting your new products or services. Create promotions to give you more visibility and get better results.

We can find different types of applications with different functionalities:

To include a contact form:

  1. ContactMe: A perfect application to place a simple form with the most basic data. We can add different fields to facilitate the contact to our followers without having to leave Facebook.

2. Contact Form If you need something a little more complete, besides being able to configure the most basic options, you can add headers with texts and images. This way you will get forms that look much more professional. 

3. Contact Us Tab Sets the fields necessary to create your form, default 4 fields come. You can put mandatory fields in case you think it is convenient. 

To add the feed of your blog:

4.  Cool tabs: Thanks to this application you can add a feed of the latest entries in your blog, this way you will share your content in a more global way. The downside is that your appearance will not be exactly that of your blog.

To insert other Social Networks:

5. Youtube Tab: Your users will be able to access your Youtube channel without having to leave Facebook. This application will allow you to view, comment and share your videos. 

6. Twitter Tab: You can have a Twitter tab within Facebook, a very convenient way to spread your publications to a larger audience. An application that is installed in a very simple way connecting both social networks. 

7. Selective Tweets: Integrate your tweets through hashtags and link your Twitter account and your Facebook page.

8. Pinterest Tab: Places a tab with the latest photos you’ve added to your Pinterest boards. An application that you can install and connect with your Fan page.

To create sweepstakes, promotions, and coupons:

9.  Coupons for fan pages: Making discount coupons and offers for our business from the fan page is possible with this application. Its simple configuration is an advantage. A highly recommended application.

10.  Agorapulse : Thanks to this application you can organize sweepstakes on your Facebook page. Choose from 15 templates to create your campaigns. You can also measure the results to optimize the campaigns.

11. Easypromos : A very complete and comfortable platform to be able to carry out all sorts of sweepstakes on Facebook. Its use is very simple and intuitive that greatly facilitates the work when drawing lots. The bad thing is that it is a payment application, although we can benefit from the first free campaign. 

12. North Social Sweepstakes: A paid application for sweepstakes for followers and non-followers on your fan page. 

13. Heyo: Create offers, contests and promotions in a very simple way, just creating blocks through widgets within your Facebook page. It has 8 templates that you can modify to your taste, besides the possibility of inserting links, texts, videos, etc. You can try it for free for a week, then you’ll have to pay about $ 25 for the most economical plan. 

14. Antavo: To access this application you must log in from Facebook. It allows us to create promotions on our company page or fan page. It offers a lot of customization possibilities and up to 6 different types of promotions. You can try it for free for a week. You can have videos, photos, etc. To create the perfect promotion.

To customize custom Facebook pages:

15. Tabfoundry: Allows you to customize your fan page by dragging and dropping elements. You can add photos, videos, galleries, etc. Most of the functionalities you can use them for free, for the more advanced options you must pay about 9 dollars a month. 

16. Shortstack: A simple application with which you will not need to know code to modify the structure of your Facebook page. It is very similar to the previous application since it is also based on widgets and is fully customizable. One of the great advantages is that it is free up to 25,000 followers, and includes the possibility of making up to 25 free offers. But if you prefer, the most pro plan is quite economical as it only has a cost of 23 dollars. 

To include videos:

17. Livestream: Thanks to this application you can make videos or events streaming on your fan page through a camera or webcam.

To include presentations and documents:

18. Slideshare : The ideal application if you want to link Slideshare and all its content (presentations and documents) with your Facebook fan page. 

Applications to include photos:

19. Flickr for Pages: Link your Flickr account with your Facebook page. This way your followers will be able to see all your photos.

20. Flickr Tab of TabFusion: This application is very similar to the previous one. With it your users will be able to access your Fickr photos directly from your fan page.

To increase the participation of followers:

21. Fan of the Week for Pages: An application not too well-known, thanks to it you can empower and take care of your users highlighting the fan of the week through a tab on Facebook. The selection of fans is based on the interaction of our fans with our content.

22.  Top Booshaka fans: Get your most active users ranked, so you’ll be able to find the most loyal and ‘I like’ fans, comments and shared fans on your fan page.

To ask surveys and questions:

23. Poll: One of the most used applications due to its simple operation and configuration. Poll is still a very good option to create surveys on our fan page.The great advantage of this application is that you can count the results through percentages, the disadvantage is that being free we do not get rid of advertising.

24. SurveyMonkey: Carry out personalized surveys for free on your Facebook page. You can ask up to 10 questions and get more than 90 answers. A good idea when collecting data on the opinion that your customers have about your products or services. Thanks to this application, you will be able to actively listen to what your users think of your brand, a powerful tool to analyze, filter data and modify your strategies.

To create a customer support chat:

25. Live Chat: A great application to give a comprehensive customer service, a great way to get closer to the consumer. Of course, we must have a good availability of schedules to be able to properly serve the users. It is becoming more common for clients or potential clients to use social networks as a channel of communication with the company.

Did you find these applications useful? If you feel like upgrading the list, you can leave your favorite applications in the comments.