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25 Habits Of Successful People Lifehacks - tinoshare.com - blogowebgo.com

Success is not due to an accident or coincidence, but probably will not be due to make a potion of inspiration or learning of us superhuman qualities. Finally, the success is due to the construction of small habits that are in any successful person. Numerous small habits that together are very powerful and cause what becomes inevitable. We saw The habits of Successful People and, therefore, are a universal rule. Now let’s see what are those habits in which we must work together to achieve our goals.


1. Organizing Yourself.

Being an organized person is synonymous with success. In fact, who is organized in their work, it is in their life. Who is organized in their home, it is in the company. People are organized in any facet of their life, and therefore usually much more efficient than the rest. Points add up to success.


2. They are resilient.

Truly successful people are able to be optimistic when everything is falling apart. Most of the business successes were born and raised in times where everything fell apart. Within resilience we would find learning to master our emotions when it comes to panic or extreme optimism.

3. They are persistent.

They learn very quickly to insist and persist. They learn not to yield to difficulties. They know that someone else can succeed where we have thrown in the towel. Endurance, perseverance, and persistence are habits that help people succeed.

4. Listen to the needs of others.

Understanding the needs of the people is to know certain problems of them that may have a solution. And that solution could give us a return. But not only they do about this issue. They really listen and take care of the other person know that they are really listening, so it leads to more honest and open relationships with others. Ultimately, success comes from the culture of relationships.

5. Do not postpone things.

Many people say they are thinking of doing “something,” and they will do it next month. Procrastination is the main ingredient of failure, while the decision and action is the ingredient of success. They do not say: “I’m thinking of doing …”. They tell you, “Look what I’ve begun to do.”

6. They know when to give up.

They are persistent but not stupid. Part of the road to success is to quickly take a failure to start on something else. Not maintaining relations with others or their ego is rooted as not assuming a failure.

7. Have a sense of humor.

The truth is that rarely you get bored with a person of this kind of character. And not only for what they have to teach positively but that sense of humor and expertise that an evening with them is enjoyable and fun. Being serious at work does not mean you should be serious. Sometimes they are able to get an entirely constructive criticism with some humor for you to grasp the message but do not feel offended. A sense of humor opens many doors, while some affable closes.

8. They are not afraid to take risks.

Maybe what slows most people is the fear of the risks. But that is the natural habitat of successful people. (Very interesting article on tis subject. I suggest to read : Business | Overcoming fear of failure when you want to take)

9. But something made of controlled risk.

They like risks, but not kamikazes. They take a high risk and try to study the maximum possible consequences, always imagining the worst possible scenario. Therefore, they are not afraid to take the risk because they have already received the answers and know what would happen in the worst-case scenario. And they are willing to risk even the worst possible scenario is if things do not go in their way. They have fears like everyone else, and they know they can not get rid of that fear, and no choice but to face him and be smart in solving smartly.

10. They are respectful and polite.

As we have said on more than one occasion, you know what kind of person you have in front you only seeing a waiter. They are elegant in treatment, polite with everybody and respectful to anyone regardless of their socio-cultural position. In fact, nobody really has no reason to be rude to another person whom they do not know. That friendly behavior makes receiving the same, because you get what was in a project, and that is why they are treated well by virtually to everyone. Hard to forget once you know them.

11. They are tenacious.

You can be insistent and persistent and accomplish nothing. Toughness is a quality that have developed successful people. Maybe that’s why they have achieved many things in life. When we talked about the difference between persistence and tenacity, it was the own Seth Godin which put a clear example: “Companies call you every day when you’re eating or sleeping because the try to sell you something, but are persistent and insistent. ”

12. Know praise.

They recognize in private and in public a good job of another person, whether it’s his secretary as if an employee who has just signed an agreement. Not all people know the importance of recognizing the work of a person who is doing a good job. Yes, they do. And thus not only they earn that person greatly appreciates the accolades, but that person will continue to strive more to learn that their work is recognized and appreciated fairly.

13. They are able to change the mood of an entire company.

And they do it very easily. Simply uttering magical atmosphere changes radically phrases. Few devote time to something as simple as that and that makes a noticeable difference.

14. Say yes to almost everything when they start.

They probably have reached succeed because they said yes to any challenge, any business opportunity, to any project. They know that success sometimes consists of 14 failures and then a success. You need only succeed once while failures are reported as part of the way.

15. They know how to say NO forcefully and firmly.

Similarly, time does not say YES to meet someone if you really do want to do something. They say no to a distraction and say a bad proposition. And leave no room for negotiation. It is NOT period.

16. They are creators of luck.

Even for luck you should be on the right track for luck find you. This type of successful people, thanks to their kindness, education, be outgoing and generate great moments, inertia expand their network of contacts. People talk with them, they recommend people, and, therefore, their reputation makes them more choices and opportunities than others. That is, luck did not find them, they have made them every day.

17. Have a positive thought.

Most people think that positive thinking is a spiritual or magical thing, but the truth is that the power of positive thinking, besides being supported by logic, is a science. The study Barbara Fredrickson finished demonstrating that people with negative thought just doing self-fulfilling prophecy and end up destroying themselves while people with a positive thought used to achieve what they intended. Ultimately, you will achieve what you believe you can achieve and your courage will grant you what you want. That is, if you think you’re worth much, that’s your value. If you think you are worthless, that it is your value.

18. Read almost daily.

There is only one way to learn and gain knowledge and ideas of others. So they are usually voracious readers. But recourse to productive reading, not entertainment.

19. They do not lose their head.

A big mistake many people who brushed success and eventually failed – was too early to celebrate their success. The success went to their heads and thought it was time to show the world what they had achieved. Success is not reaching a goal. Sometimes it is to stay on top, and sometimes it’s hard to keep it coming. Especially if you lose your head on the way. And that’s where it shows whether you succeeded because you had luck or based on merit in building habits.

20. They do not waste time.

They know their time is precious, so they try not to waste it on things that are not bringing them anything, let alone with people that time commitment do not deserve. They are always busy to have an organized agenda. They always know what to do every hour of the day, because they already planned on its agenda last week.

21. Remain motivated.

Motivation is essential. When motivation fails, it’s time to stop and analyze what is wrong. And they will not hesitate to change or discard what they are doing if they feel that is draining their energy and vitality without being rewarded.

22. They get up early.

That’s one of their competitive advantages. For them, the day begins before the rest, and they have already been productive while the rest are still being cleared.

23. No excuses.

Everyone tends to excuse in a mistake they have committed. They assume, for he who is not able to admit a mistake, is not able to learn from that mistake, and, therefore, more likely to fail again. Rafa Nadal’s uncle gave us this lesson: ” When you lose against a team, not due to the sand, the wind or the racket. The other point has been better and try harder next time...”

24. Finds a purpose for life.

Most people fail only because it was impossible for them to succeed, and they knew where they wanted to go. You can not succeed if you do not know what you want to accomplish and you know what you want to fight. Every successful person only needs a goal and begin taking steps toward the goal. Find yours. Be motivated. Be inspired. Love what you do!

25. For advice.

Unfortunately, I have seen people close down for the simple fact of not having sought advice from experts in the field who had not mastered. We all have weaknesses, and why we should not try to fill them all. There are people who have dedicated their life to be the best at something. And they are there to help you to be the best at what you do. In my case, I’m good at many things, but prosecutors and law issues are not one of them, so it would be an idiot if I did not consult fiscal issues a tax advisor.