25 Of The Best-Paid Jobs In The US, 14 Are For Developers


One of the criteria of KeepCoding teaching is to give out students the tools to reach the top. Glassdoor, Careers in the United States, has published a list of the 25 best 2015 jobs, and ICT take up more than a half of the posts, only surpassed by the health sector.


The list is sorted according to the average base salary, also taking into account the number of vacancies for every job. Then the jobs that made the list :

    1. Software Architect.
    2. Software Development Manager.
    3. Solutions Architect.
    4. Analysis Manager.
    5. IT manager.
    6. product manager.
    7. Scientific Data.
    8. Safety Engineer.
    9. Quality Manager.
    10. Computer Engineer.
    11. Database administrator.
    12. UX designer.
    13. Software engineer.
    14. Sales engineer.


The first 5 are located in the top 10 of the total list are the software architects which are the highest paid, then comes Medical Director of Pharmacy and so on. You can see the full report directly on the website of Glassdoor.

Comparing these results with the report Modis website, and is expected to 2022 vacancies for engineers apps increasing 22%.

They expect more than half a million new jobs in the field of new technologies which is surprisingly a happy information for those who are on this field.

Comparing these results with the report Modis portal, which indicates an annual salary between $ 60,000 and US $ 90,000 for software engineers, and US $ 80,000 and US $ 160,000 for Application Engineers. For 2022 vacancies for app engineers will increase 22% and they expected more than half a million new jobs in the field of new technologies. You can find more details of the investigation here below


Source: Modis

We can say higher, but not clearer. The trained and updated developers hold the key to better jobs, and that is the philosophy of KeepCoding Startup Engineering Master Bootcamp, prepare Full Stack Developers able to enter the elite developers.