25 Romantic Gestures That Would Make Any Girl Melt

25 Romantic Gestures That Would Make Any Girl Melt
25 Romantic Gestures That Would Make Any Girl Melt

Being a true gentlemen is not about being handsome but to be able to keep that lovely girl and make her happy as the result comes back to you.  Being smart and behave intelligence is a part of being romantic. We know most of the guys are not really romantic but deep inside, they want it. And most dont know how to do it. So, it is important for a guy to think of something that makes a girl feel amazing from your actions as girls mood is more important for a guy. I m not talking about to buy a car, necklace or something that cost you a huge money, but something that is also valuable. I would say my boyfriend is really expert on this thing and He knows how to make me happy and how to make me sad and again back to happiness. So, what I would suggest you is the below behavior definitely makes you as a true real gentleman.

1. Ask for a help

Every time you see her doing something, try to offer a help. Let her feel that you really want to do that with her. If she is cleaning, washing dishes, or something else, be there first.

2. Planning the weekend

Every girl want their boyfriend to have an idea of taking her to a good place. I don’t mean a really expensive restaurant but some restaurant that fits your budget. Also to museum, park, walking, riding bicycle – is not bad too

3. Play With Her Hair

While you’re watching a movie, sitting together in the park, or laying in bed. Do it slowly and softly. I know guys are tough handed but would be nice if in this case guys are soft.

4. Kiss Her Hand

Did you know that in the past, kissing a fair maiden’s hand was a gesture indicating courtesy, politeness, respect, admiration or even devotion by a man towards a woman. Nowdays it is almost gone. I would suggest while grabing your girlfriend’s hand, kiss it. While walking, grab and kiss it. This in the bus or metro, kiss it. 1 time in every hour that you spend together, is fine. She will love it and she will be more impressed by this behavior.

5. Give her a flower

Every girl loves a flower. When you have date it is adviced to give her a flower before you take her out. Doesn’t need to be a huge flower but can be only 1 single flower. Keep in mind as this is the most important.

6. Call during work time

Do you guys work? It is a great way to call her sometimes like in a lunch time or when she is not busy. Call her a talk for some minutes and this will make her day amazing!!!

7. Say I love you

Say I love you and I miss you every day while you guys a far a bit from each other. Better, say it more than 3 times a day and see what happens when you guys meet each other.

8. Be nice with her friends

When suddenly you meet her friends, try to be nice with them. Talk nicely with respect. Ask her if she wants to spend more time with her friend and make sure they will hear it. Ask them for something new like going to cafe or some other places..

9. Randomly Kiss Her Deeply

In an opportune moment when she isn’t expecting it, stop her, bring her in close and kiss her like you mean it. She will undoubtedly ask you what that was for. Respond with something witty and interesting. For example: singing The Weeknd – Earned It while you slowly fade away into the mist. Make sure there are not much people and you have to know if you  girlfriend likes a calm place for it. Some girls don’t like to do in public as form people side, this action might be strange

10. Bring Her a Snack She Loves

Women love snacks. Whether it’s ice-cream, chips, something from Starbucks, or watermelon sour patch soft and chewy candy, they usually have some type of snack they love. Pay attention to what that is, then bring it to her the next time you see her.

11. Always grab her hand while crossing the road 

While crossing the road, try to grab her hand. Make it like you really care her and she is secured by you

12. Leave Her a Love Note

A simple note that says “I Love You” or “You’re Beautiful” in a location where she will eventually find it will make you seem like Mr. Perfect straight out of some romantic comedy I can’t quote because I rarely watch romantic comedies.

13. Forget Something

Not really…just pretend to forget or cancel a date last minute then show up with roses or her favorite snack (See #3). This can backfire so make sure it isn’t an extremely important date and do it at the last moment possible as to not ruin plans… If there’s anything men are good at, it’s disappointing women- don’t perpetuate the stereotype, dammit.

14. Do a Chore

A chore can be anything from doing the dishes to cleaning up the backyard after a BBQ. The main point in this is doing something that she would/could do before she asks you to do it.

15. Vacation

Asking her to go for a vacation with you to other countries is amazing action. Plan and surprise her with a ticket maybe? Make sure she is available for it and she doesn’t have any other schedule

16. Slow Dance

Put on some John Legend or go old school with some classic Sinatra and slow dance with your boo. Extra points if it’s in your living room when you just opened a bottle of wine right before sitting down to a romantic home-cooked meal.

17. Buy a jeweler 

Buy her necklace every year while celebrating your annual relationship or at least 1 time a year on her birthday.

18. Text Her Sweet Nothings

The modern day version of love notes. Texting her something short and sweet while she’s at work will 100% brighten up her day. Just don’t over do it and text her a novel.

19. Give her a had

While climbing or jumping over something or just walking on the stairs which is high for her and a bit difficult for her, try to giveyour hand. This will make her feel secured.

20. Cinema

Invite her to the cinema at least 2 times a month. Could be in weekends or chose a time when she is feeling ok.

21. Remind her

Remind her if you guys have to celebrate something or go somewhere. Or if you know something and she forgets, try to remind her.

22. While Eating

Try to not answer the phone when you guys having a dinner. Or ask if she is ok to answer. Try to be gentle and make her feel that you are having a good time with her only and you are free from other things.

23. Complimenting her with her cooking

If she is cooking, then this should be an amazing gift for a guy. Always compliment her with her cookings. Say “Ohh honey, this is the most delicious food I have every tried. Reminds me my mom’s food….”

24. Dont hurry while having time together

It is adviced to play and kiss more before you rush up… You know what I mean so spend more time on kissing

25. …………..

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