28 Fantastic Things Drones Can Do


The Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that are revolutionizing everything. Google, Amazon and most Internet giants have plans for exploitation in very diverse applications.

There drones for all. Of all sizes. Since the dimensions of a warplane to a folding pocket drone that can fly a GoPro.

A revolution in technology that entrepreneurs and companies must follow closely.

20 amazing, fantastic things that drones do (or can do)

1. Sampling in environments with high chemical and/or radiological toxicity.

28_fantastic_things_drones_do_tinoshare.comFor example in disasters type Chernobyl, or the nuclear power station of Fukushima in Japan; In which it is necessary to take samples with a high risk of human lives and to carry out tasks of control of the environment and the emission of pollutants. Drones can carry sensors, cameras and specialized equipment for these functions.

2. Cooperate in drug control and anti-terrorism control missions

They could also record high-quality videos to be used as evidence in an international trial. In fact, the gifts are an excellent police vigilante of traffickers and illegal activities in general.

3. Distribution of free internet signal

28_fantastic_things_drones_do_tinoshare.comFacebook has publicly announced its plans to generate a worldwide internet signal based on drones and satellites.

4. Forest services: monitoring forest areas for fire control.

28_fantastic_things_drones_do_tinoshare.comWooded areas are difficult to access and very expensive to monitor. Monitoring and control of fires during high-temperature seasons is vital to avoid the loss of large forest masses of difficult and slow regeneration. With data from drones, the fight against fire becomes more effective.

5. Border security and control

28_fantastic_things_drones_do_tinoshare.comThe borders are very broad, their monitoring for the control of illegal activities is very complex. Drones can be a decisive aid in these tasks.

6. Watching volcanoes

28_fantastic_things_drones_do_tinoshare.comIt is not easy to fly over a volcano in full eruption and capture important data for its monitoring and prevention. Below in the photo shot, a drone captures images of the eruption of a volcano.

7. Recreational use, aeromodelling …

28_fantastic_things_drones_do_tinoshare.comYou can easily buy a drone at Amazon and take control of it by an iPhone or iPad.

8. Fast delivery of goods, book packages, even home delivery

Avoiding traffic and traffic jams. This is one of the functions that companies like Google or Amazon are rehearsing. It can revolutionize home delivery, e-commerce. New messaging to which traffic jams do not affect them. Google is working on a distribution system called Project Wing, which will use drones (UAVs) to carry goods and products to people.

Video: Google’s Wing Project

9. Monitor poaching in the great National Parks of the World

Some species such as elephants or rhinos are in serious danger of extinction due to ineffective control of poaching. In addition to other care that claims the great National Parks around the world, many with scarce means and resources. Google, for example, helps rhinos in Africa by using drones. Without going any further in the National Park of Doñana (Spain) the drones have already “hunted” several poachers.

10. Advertising

28_fantastic_things_drones_do_tinoshare.comThe advertising we see on light planes will soon be replaced by drones

11. Military use

28_fantastic_things_drones_do_tinoshare.comThere are many types of military drones known. And probably there are also many dedicated to military uses that we do not know. Their benefits may pass within a few years to civil society. The United States, China, the United Kingdom, and even Argentina, have made public some of their plans for military use of drones.

12. Rescue and search for people after a natural disaster or have been lost 

28_fantastic_things_drones_do_tinoshare.comThere are frequent successes already achieved through searches in which the drones have participated. The online magazine Mashable reported on the rescue of an 82-year-old man in a wooded area of Fitchburg, Wisconsin found by a drone in just 20 minutes, while the official search with ordinary means lasted from three days.

13. Scientific research and control of pollution and the environment

28_fantastic_things_drones_do_tinoshare.comChina for example has used drones to keep track of the pollution of its large cities.

14. Agriculture: crop and livestock management

28_fantastic_things_drones_do_tinoshare.comMany farms employ drones for different uses. Various controls and management of agricultural and livestock farms. For example, in the cultivation of the vine. Drones endowed with thermal, multispectral cameras, capable of “seeing” wavelengths that the human eye does not perceive, possess incredible viewing power. From aerial photographs, allow to examine all the corners of the vineyard, analyze the different qualities of the grape and its state of ripeness.

15. Cartography and aerial photography

This interesting video shows the infinite possibilities open by the drones for mapping and mapping:

16. Traffic and traffic accidents

Traffic control, access to blocked areas is a use that already occurs in some cities and highways of various countries.

17. Exploration of hard-to-reach places: Caves, cliffs

28_fantastic_things_drones_do_tinoshare.comDrones access the most difficult and inaccessible places.

18. Control of works and large constructions

Application of Construction Management and Project Management of works and large construction projects is made easier through intelligent control through drones gaining in efficiency and productivity.

19. Urban planning, urban planning infractions

28_fantastic_things_drones_do_tinoshare.comDrones not only help a static mapping but also dynamics controlling the transformation of the territory and the appearance of potential infractions of laws and urban regulations.

20. Geology

Carrying out sedimentological, mineralogical and geophysical geological maps, control and monitoring of mining operations and their environmental impact. Geological mapping and even oil exploration (Norway).

Video Elaboration of a geological map with drones and in real time

21. Cars and drones will interact with each other.

In this project of Renault, a drone is advanced to see problems of traffic;

22. As wearable on a wrist, to do selfies

23. Delivery of medicines between Germany and the northern islands


24. The drones as spies

28_fantastic_things_drones_do_tinoshare.comThis drone would have charmed James Bond. A spy drone that has the shape of a hummingbird The Nano air, the latest innovation coming out of the Pentagon agency, DARPA. With the shape and size of a hummingbird, it is one of the smallest and most discreet devices on the market.

25. Repair of wind turbines. Wind power 

28_fantastic_things_drones_do_tinoshare.comDrones can reach places like the wings of a wind turbine. This Arachnopter (Spider helicopter), is a drone – folding helicopter of one meter that weighs little more than three kilos. Its main application is the inspection of blades of wind turbines that can be found up to 100 meters above the ground.

26. Drones for Smart Cities (Multi-Purpose)

Already running in Dubai.

27. Drones for the sale of real estate

28. Drones for delivery of mail in Switzerland

The postal service of Switzerland has broadcast that it will use the technology of drones for the delivery of its mail. It is provided through an agreement with the company Matternet, specializing in drones for delivery. The ONE model, a drone designed for the transport of small parcel of up to a kilo maximum.

Drones laws, regulations and regulations

The problem, before starting some governments has already carried out an excessive over-regulation on the drones. Here is the analysis of the legislation of the drones carried out by Manuel Pomares:
World map of drones, density, and distribution by countries and zones