3 Buying Motivators To Instantly Increase Your Sales


Today I’ll show three very powerful psychological elements called “buying motivators” that, using them in your business, in your conversations with customers, and in your social networks, increases sales of your enterprise and, of course, your income.

The best part is this:

These 3 buying motivators can start TODAY use it and when you finish reading this article, you’ve learned everything you can successfully implement on your business.

Moreover, not only it will serve you for your business online: if you have a physical business you can also use these techniques to increase your sales instantly.

The 3 buying motivators that increase your sales

Selling is not difficult if you know how. And especially if you know the psychology of why your customers want to buy.

Now you will learn what are the 3 buying motivators psychological pushing your customers to get their money and pay for what you sell.


1. Buy what you want, not what is needed

To get a person to do something, you have to motivate them first. And we all have two types of motivation: the front and rear.

The front motivation is to get what you want: do you want to achieve that customer buying your product, what you would like?

The rear motivation is the opposite: do not want, what flees, what hurts when purchasing something.

These are all feelings and thoughts, so when we do buy logically though we believe that yes, we bought moved by our feelings, our fears and our desires.


Answer me this: how many things you’ve bought, but not really needed them?

No, you bought some Nike shoes because it was logical to buy them, but because you got some kind of feeling or did you get a picture in your head while taking them.

You must connect with the emotional side of your customer, and paint a picture in your head of what you want making him see that your product can get.

How to implement this motivator?

You have to show your customers what is possible for them. Many people, when they look at your products, do not know what they can do for them.

So you must teach them that what you sell will lead to a result.

Many individuals do not know they could have that benefit in their lives just for buying your product. And your duty is to show it and say, “this is possible for you and you can get it.”

The better and more detailed that picture can paint them on their heads, they will be more willing to buy.

People, when they visit your website, or visit your physical business, they have no idea what it is you are selling.

And it is important to educate yourself by giving them all the information possible about your products and clearly explaining the benefits.

There are many ways to do this: it can be with words, written text, pictures, even with testimonials from other customers who have already purchased this article and their experiences with it.

If you sell chocolates or candy, it’s as simple as putting a photograph with a woman or a man happy while eating a chocolate.

The person begins to see that image subconsciously and think if she or he bought one of your sweet, also have the same happiness and pleasure to eat.




2. Realizing a problem and not knowing the solution

When you are an expert in your business, and are able to tell your customers what situation are, what problems they have, what ambitions, etc., these people will automatically assume that you have the answer.

If you can describe your problem better than themselves, they will assume that you can help them and that you have a product that will succeed. And of course, want to buy it.

How to implement this motivator?

Here to get them to buy your product you can not only tell you what the problem is or how you can help them.

You must make them see (as an expert in your sector) that if the problem you have now not solved in the future another problem related to the current appears.

This is to show the rear motivation I told you before, saying: ” This could happen if you do not take action now, and the best way of taking action now and solve your problem right now is with my product . ”

When you manage a person to say “that’s exactly what I have” or “I had not thought of that, you’re right!”, then you’ve earned their trust, and will want to buy what you sell and fix their difficulties.



3. Buy only what is new, better or current

When you do a Google search on a topic that interests you, and will appear next to the dates in which each article was written, most likely always you choose the one that has most recently published.

No matter if it is a subject that has not changed much in recent years: always will choose the article that was published five days ago instead of one that was published two years ago.

Why is this happening? Because our minds are programmed for thousands of years to always find the newest and / or best.

If you go to the supermarket and your favorite brand has a new range of shampoo with a similar price to that already use, you probably buy to try it because your mind will think that if it is new, it must be better or incorporate any improvement.

And the same goes for your business and the products you sell.

If you can convince your customer base that what you have is current and better, the subconscious mind of your buyer think, “this is new, have not tried it, I buy it.”


How to implement this motivator?

First you must know your merchandise well and analyze what aspects have new or better compared with your competition, and once this is done, let them know your buyers.

And this I get concretely showing it.

Tell your customers’ my product is better than others because it has “” my product is more current than the others because it has this. “

This clearly indicates what improvements novelty or contains, and clearly explain why.

This is perhaps the most important of the 3 buying motivators because psychologically the new and the best is an aspect that influences powerfully in our minds.



In summary

3 buying motivators you should start implementing in your business , both online and offline, to increase your sales and make your customers want to buy your products are:

  • Will: you paint them a picture in your head of what they can get if they buy your product, and the benefits achieved by buying.
  • Solving a problem: let them see what the problem is and how your product can be  solved, by showing the results obtained.
  • New or improved: Teach what new aspects or what improvements has your product compared to your competitors merchandise and explain why it is newer or better in a clear and concrete way.


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