3 Key trends that the retail sector should adopt

3 Key trends that the retail sector should adopt
3 Key trends that the retail sector should adopt

The retail industry is undergoing a transformation since the advent oftechnology and a shopper increasingly demanding have changed the way chains like Walmart, McDonald’s, H & M, Amazon, they offer their products both online and in stores physical.

Now not only it has an obligation to meet the needs of the customer, but also to create them unique experiences (retail experience) to strengthen the engagment with its target, why have adopted revolutionary trends such as virtual reality, the mobile retailing, new forms of payment ( Pay Apple and Samsung Pay) and other formats, but there are three that must follow all members of the sector to attract shoppers or retain the ones they have.

According to the company specialized in marketing, Rakuten Marketing, adopt trends are the following:



Reward the shopper in your visit

The shoppers today visit many shops before buying a particular item, for example if they want shoes, first walking shoe to check multiple models and prices and end based on its route make the purchase, the same goes for e-tailers, therefore all (physical and online) retailers must “reward” the shopper to encourage him to buy them, either to make them some sort of discount for being the first time they shop there or give them coupons for your next visit.



Content affordable

Another way to engage the shopper is showing compelling content, this trend applies especially in the e-tailers can place videos on a given product within its pages in order to make more striking the buying process of a person.

As for the physical retailers they can adapt the technology on their shelves, for example putting screens showing the characteristics of the item or even have digital testers.


Entering new markets is always a challenge for brands is why it is important to partner with other brands or pages of the countries they are in, for example, an apparel retailer  can form an alliance with the best Japanese fashion blog and so his name will have national support, which draw the attention of the shoppers in that country.