3 Reasons why strong people have a complicated past


What does it mean to be strong? It does not mean the same as thousands of years ago. Today we are less concerned about the physical force that emotional strength. We are concerned less the weight of the rock we have to take the problem we have to solve.

When a problem is heavy, it weighs on us. It encompasses more and more space in our minds and forces us to pay attention to an experience that is repeated. The heavier the problem, the harder it is to ignore the thought.

A strong person is one who is able to solve the problem.

Any of us are able to endure the rest of my ****. Receive blows unperturbed. But the force is not something you’re born with, it is something that develops. Strong people are because their past has made them what they are today. Here’s why.

1. To be mentally strong, you should be able to navigate the complexity

More complex problems are most weigh us down, but they are actually the easiest.

Complex problems are composed of small problems. From afar it may seem huge to face it, but once you break it down into small parts, the solution can be discerned.

See solutions to complex problems is not something that most of us have been born. That is why we need experience. We have to deal with complex problems and fail enough times to learn the solutions to those problems.

At the end, we learn to fail. And a past full of failures is certainly a complex past.

2. You can not believe in you until you do not get your hands dirty

Strength is a combination of strength and willpower. If you can do and have the will to do so. It will, however, it is not always.

We are all very good putting excuses, but in the end, what really happens is that we are afraid. We are afraid to fail. We are afraid of making mistakes. We are afraid to embarrass ourselves.

3-reasons-why-strong-people-have-a-complicated-pasttinoshare-com2Why are we afraid? Because we do not believe in ourselves. If you think you can do it and you trust your skills, you will succeed. Although not on the first try, it will be in the second or third.

Realizing the true strength is not to get it on the first try, it comes to fail and then finds the strength to try again.

3. A complicated past builds strength and resilience

The force does not disappear when things get ugly. The force holds you – while others break apart. The force is capable of receiving the blows, one after another, for as long as needed. You’re playing a long game, and you’re playing to win.

Until you see the complexity in the world around you and find a simple way to understand it, you will not be able to find the necessary to reach the top force.

This is not to conquer the world. It is the conquest of oneself.