3 worst ways to waste time on launching a blog and risk to leave next month


There are dozens of ways to procrastinate and delay time to launch a blog. But once the decision is made, you can believe that things are going to go fast and to start a blog.

For it is not always so. Moreover, in many cases it is usually the opposite. Accelerate and take off is not as easy as it seems when you look at the planes taking off from the airport coffee shop.

If you take months procrastinating and delaying the launch of your blog, you’re probably not completely cured and do not know where to focus your efforts at first.

And it is crucial to use your power to start productive tasks. Because if you fail to short-term results, your motivation may go down very quickly, so quickly that the survival of your blog is at stake.

3 things you should not worry at the time to launch a blog

Don’t ‘do # 1 – Losing hours to select your topic

You have said that branding is everything now. So is…

You also said that you have to have personality and your template is a reflection of your project, which is also a way to differentiate yourself. Yaaaa …

But you have many doubts about colors. Consultations over and over to your friends (none is web designer) to ask for their opinion. No winner ever.

Testing a lot of free templates, then read Payment templates allow you greater customization, but do not know which one to choose or not if it is cheap or expensive.

And without realizing it, it’s been 3 months and your blog is not yet released.

And you know the worst? Has no sense:

  • At first you will receive very few visitors. So much so you could start with the topic that WordPress offers default. Who cares! Besides your mother, no one will know …
  • The design has an impact on conversions, it is certain that some issues are more intuitive than others and become better (subscribers or sales). But tell me: 0% conversion of zero zero visits visits do, right? And 100% conversion of zero visits visits remain zero, right?

Wasting time is irrelevant to your topic at first.

And so is playing with plugins 2 hours a day.

They are distractions.

What to do about it?

Choose a theme, it is, and work your motto (the proposal to make the reader), that is important.”Welcome. This blog is for X seeking to do Y “. Make it clear how you can help your readers.

You can worry later to improve the look & feel of your blog, and once you enter a minimum flow of visitors a day.

Dont ‘do # 2 – obsessed with SEO

Chances are you do not know very well which means the 3 letter acronym SEO. But you’ve read a lot before starting.

You know the impact on the SEO CMS. And that with WordPress you’re safe, that the template should be SEO-ready, you have spoken of keywords, to the best of “mold” the Page Rank, you are overwhelmed with Back Links and sitemap that you send to Google Webmaster Tool. That ifWordPress SEO or All in One SEO. I do not know what keyword density …

STOP !!! 

Turn it all, take a deep breath.

All these things give a damn …  now .

Google will make ragging to launch a blog, and will ignore -mínimo- for 6-12 weeks. You will be monitored from afar, full of disdain to verify that you’re serious, verify that your content is original and that your articles have good market response.

But you will not appear in the rankings, not systematically at least.

What to do about it?

What is the best approach? God pass G.

Focus on writing, not optimize your website, or your tickets. Think of your readers, not Google.

As a background task, you can train you in SEO leisurely (or pause), to be incorporating these techniques when Google starts to make case. And Google will only make you if you have the impression that you’re serious and you produce content useful and original.

Start here, then.

Dont ‘do # 3 – obsessed with visits in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is addictive. Really it is.

Especially for beginners. You can get 7 times a day to see your visitor statistics, and now with the real-time web analytics, you can spend 10-15 minutes watching tours in real time.

  • How cool: 3 visits in Madrid, my city!
  • Internet is magical: someone is reading me from Mongolia!
  • Ooohh Google sent me a visit with the keyword “Not Provided”! (Incidentally, what is that?)

Come on. To relax, I prefer to look at an aquarium with tropical fish before Google Analytics data in real time. But in both cases the output is the same: Stern, Nada, Niente, Rien, Nothing.

Wasting time.

What to do about it?

It assumes once and you’ll have very few visitors; so please do not waste time waiting for you to visit your blog or leave a comment (be sure to invite your mother to lunch on Sunday).

Connect once a week to Google Analytics. It is more than enough.

So what I do when I throw a blog?

Very easy. I know of only two productive things during the first trimester of life of your blog, and even to extend to the second quarter too.

Do # 1 – Write great articles and post them!

That is what you must do.

  1. Write useful inputs to respond to questions from your target.
  2. Develop an epic post because you’ve gathered all the free PDF of your niche in a single post.Or the 10 videos more useful to your target on YouTube, or free online 7 tools essential to your target
  3. Interviewing stakeholders as soon as possible in your niche to learn from and connect with these influential people
  4. Work presentation pages of your blog such as “About”.

Repeated over and over again, the rate of 2 or 3 tickets a week.

Aahhh and detail. Post your entries once.

Do not tell the milonga you want to have 20 or 30 posts ready before starting, to make it better.

The sooner you get feedback from your readers, you will lose less time at work locked in your thoughts. It is very comfortable to delay kick off overnight, again and again. I know many cases they have been working months in a blog installed and that they have not yet opened to the public.

Do you have 2 or 3 inputs lists? Take to the rate of 1 post a week, and still working on producing more tickets as soon as possible to increase the frequency of publication in the blog.

Being a blogger is to write and then some. Please read on.

C # 2 – Spend time at places you may want to attract readers to your blog … and bring something

It is crucial to understand that you’ll have to go find readers at first . They will not come alone; It would be too easy, right?

Identify the stakeholders in your niche blogs, portals or vertical communities and forums that your target group. Spend time there on these sites. Because there are your future readers.

Conversa, Spread, Help. Be seen as someone with good will, always willing to help and add value in a conversation, not the “ego-heavy” only seeks to promote its content and attract some light to his person but is being ridiculous. No smile, cloud legions …

Dive in social networks very selectively (choose well whom to follow and what conversations interest you). Spend some time on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+ if applicable. In 1 or 2 hours a day, working selectively, taking clear your goals you can work miracles on social networks . Believe me.