What is 32bit & 64bit and Which to choose & Why? – Tips

What is 32bit & 64bit and Which to choose & Why - Tips

At the moment of downloading some type of program we can see that there are versions of 32bits and 64bits that are compatible with our computer, even the operating systems have 32bit and 64bit versions as well as some processors but what is the difference that offers us one Another not, today you will learn the basics to know which of these two to choose.

Before starting, if you want to know which version you are using at the moment, you can go through the following link where you will learn the steps necessary to identify your version: How to know how many bits is my PC? 32bit or 64bit? – Solution

Now the term “PC 32bits and 64bits” refers to both the operating system architecture and the processor, which means that when performing an operation the processor is responsible for performing all the logical calculations to obtain all those results that the user requires.

The information package that can be worked on a 64bit system is twice as much information as a 32bit system, allowing you to access more memories and process it faster.

One of the differences that usually helps you choose between one and the other is the ability to use RAM:

  • a 32bit operating system can only address 4Gb, of which only 3.5Gb
  • 64bit allows up to 192GB of RAM.

So if you have more than 4Gb RAM your choice is simply 64bits. If you want to buy a PC and you do not know which of the 2 is best for you, keep in mind that a 64-bit PC will be more powerful and usually more expensive than a 32-bit PC.

Technically 32bits users are people who do not demand so much to their computers, they use it for the daily routine of surfing the Internet, listening to music or doing some document.

64bit users are for more demanding users, such as graphic design professionals, gamers, editing videos or any activity that requires power.

If you want to move your system from 32bit to 64bit you have to consider three things, have more than 4Gb of RAM, compatibility of software, not only programs and operating systems, also the drivers of our PC. In addition, all our hardware, cameras, scanners, printers and other peripherals are compatible, to avoid any kind of error or inconvenience.