4+ Pest Control for Apples – Apple Trees Care

4+ Pest control for apples - apple tree - tinoshare.com
4+ Pest control for apples - apple tree - tinoshare.com

Apple trees are hardy trees that grow well under a variety of soil conditions and climate. However, susceptibility to pests is a problem for apple and it is important to apply the appropriate treatment to trees to control pest problems and thus keep them healthy and encourage a large annual harvest.


Insect Pests Types

There are a variety of pest insects that become a problem for apple trees, from aphids and mites that feed on the leaves until the larvae of moths that eat the apples themselves. Each type of plague poses its own problems for apple and requires specific attention and treatment to prevent the tree will weaken and lose their harvest. Make pest control throughout the growing season to keep the tree healthy.


The codling moth is leaving worms in apples, these larvae using apple as a host and feed on it as they grow to maturity. Apple trees with severe infestation of these worms can produce a smaller crop or not edible. According to the extension of State University of Colorado, codling moths have three generations in a season. Avoid spraying pesticides when the apple blossoms. Place pheromone traps for codling moths and spray insecticides after petal fall.

Spider mites

The mites are more common in orchard environments where pose a serious threat to a crop.The mites feed on the leaves of the apple tree, and outbreaks occur in the hot parts of the growing season. Affected leaves may be seen as if they were burned. Apply a horticultural oil during the dormant season to control mite populations and killing their eggs.


Aphids affect a wide variety of garden plants and trees, such as apple trees. Traditional chemical pesticides applied as insecticidal soaps on Apple to control aphids. The woolly aphid is treated for carbaryl insecticides and soaps. They can be released into the natural predators of aphids garden, as the ladybug, to reduce the amount of chemicals needed to care for an apple tree in summer.