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4 Plugins For WordPress To Fight Spam - TinoShare.com
4 Plugins For WordPress To Fight Spam - TinoShare.com

Currently I think that all blogs that can be found on the Internet with more than 1 month old and with more than 10 hits a day suffer a major problem of SPAM in their comments and their contact forms, this problem increases while increases traffic and eventually becomes a major obstacle that may damage the reputation of any blog if not treated with care.

There are very powerful WordPress plugins to prevent spam comments and contact forms, indeed, while most forms plugins include a module or implementation of captcha to fight spam.

Here are some plugins that can help you to fight spam easily and without complicated technical configurations:

  • Anti-Spam : In person is the option that I like and I use every day, without captchas or other systems that hamper usability. No configuration options and its operation is reduced to install and … ready. You can get more information here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/anti-spam
  • Antispam Bee : Here is a recommended by Matt Mullenweg plugin that effectively protects SPAM and offers some pretty interesting configuration options. You can get more information here:https://wordpress.org/plugins/antispam-bee
  • Anti-spam by CleanTalk : This is an all in one that protects without captchas, according to documentation can protect all types of interactions: comments, processes registrations, contact forms, order forms, subscription forms, etc. You can get more information here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/cleantalk-spam-protect
  • Akismet : This is the best known, and in fact I’ve included when the list by that, because it seems a bit outdated and very effective solution that requires knowledge that often users do not have. You can find more information here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/anti-spam

If we use a feedback system like Disqus or comments Facebook also help us protect against spamgenerated by bots or other automated systems, although none of the above plugins nor any comment system to help us fight against spammers manual or against the trolls .

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