4+ Sources for high quality CSS animations


The CSS3 animations allow you to animate the transition between CSS and another style. These consist of two components. On the one hand, we have the style that describes the animation, and the other set of frames to indicate its initial and final state.

CSS animations have some advantages as they are quite easy to do if compared to traditional techniques by scripts and therefore if we use a very interesting sources of resources and quality, work will be even easier. However, it takes time and can be rather difficult, so these sources of resources you can come in handy.

Easing function

4-sources-for-high-quality-css-animations1-tinoshare-comThis specifies the speed of the animation to make it more realistic. The drawer opens, given acceleration and finally stops him. When something falls down quickly to finish first bounce. You can find the desired function on this page easing.net. It is the best that is in our language to make it easier to handle yourself with this website.


4-sources-for-high-quality-css-animations2-tinoshare-comDan Eden has compiled a library of CSS animations of great beauty that you can use in your projects. The project itself is a great source of inspiration.

Animate Plus

4-sources-for-high-quality-css-animations3-tinoshare-comStripe is well known for its product pages that have a high quality in all animations it possesses. One of their creative minds that lies behind these animations is Benjamin De Cock, who has created a library of CSS and SVG animation that pays well and is light in weight; perfect for the mobile.


4-sources-for-high-quality-css-animations4-tinoshare-comA similar Animate.css resource, Hover.css is a collection of CSS effects that you have to use freely as you want in your projects. It focuses on the hover effects for links, buttons, images and more.