4+ The importance of breakfast for teens

4+ The importance of breakfast for teens - tinoshare.com
4+ The importance of breakfast for teens - tinoshare.com

The adolescents should eat breakfast every day for a variety of reasons. If you are a parent of a teenager, consider the benefits of a breakfast before allowing your child to leave in the morning without eating a bar of granola.


Academic focus

Teens who eat breakfast may have an advantage in the classroom. According to reports from KidsHealth, teens who eat before starting day with a healthy breakfast are less likely to be distracted by hunger than those who do not. For optimum efficiency, this source recommends that adolescents from consuming balanced breakfast rich in nutrients, low in sugar, but.

Weight control

Although it may seem contradictory to some, teens who eat breakfast have better control their weight than those who do not. ShapeUpAmerica.org found that the thinner teens are more likely to eat breakfast every day. The source attributed this to the fact that the consumption of breakfast wakes adolescent metabolism, allowing the body to better burn the food eaten during the day.

Prevention of iron deficiency

Teens who skip breakfast have a serious risk of iron deficiency, the report of a study by the Baylor College of Medicine in 2006. This study included 700 students in the first year of high Louisiana, and found that teens they could not eat breakfast were twice as likely to have a diagnosable iron deficiency, a problem that could affect health in the short and long term. Girls are more likely than men to develop this iron deficiency.

Family building

When it comes to connect with teens, parents should take every opportunity that arises.When parents sit at the table with their children and enjoy your family breakfast, they can use time as an opportunity for dialogue or catch up with their children.