5+ Advantages & Disadvantages of having a pet dog

5+ Advantages & Disadvantages of having a pet dog - tinoshare.com
5+ Advantages & Disadvantages of having a pet dog - tinoshare.com

The dog is our best friend. That is very true. They are loyal, loving, intelligent and love you unconditionally. There are many benefits of having a dog as a pet. Of course, as in nature, with the good comes the bad, there are advantages and disadvantages of owning a dog. As with any animal, not everything is fun. Up to you to decide whether a dog is a right pet for you.

Advantage: Company

Dogs are great companions. They are always there for you, always ready to play and run or just sit quietly beside you. They love you no matter what and do not judge. After a hard day at school or at work, your dog will be ready waiting to welcome you happily wagging his tail and perhaps to give a wet, sloppy kiss. Dogs can lift your mood when you’re sad and comfort you when you feel lonely. Animals are especially good for seniors company, as may live alone and feel isolated by themselves, so having a dog is a good choice.

Advantage: Health Benefits

There are many health benefits of having dogs as pets. They require regular exercises like walking, jogging in the park or play games like fetch or frisbee. This will keep you very fit and have positive effects on your lifestyle and health. Your fitness level will improve and your heart will become healthier as a result.

Advantage: Security

Dogs are good deterrents against theft. They can provide protection to bark when strangers approach to let you know that someone is near. A thief will be less likely to attack your house if there is a barking dog, as this will alert you or your neighbors that there is an intruder on your property, and the thief will not want to take the risk of trying to steal a house knowing that there is a possibility that you might catch him. Dogs provide a sense of security.

Disadvantage: Costs

A disadvantage of having dogs as pets is that they are very expensive to maintain. You need to buy food, pay for vaccinations, sterilization, soaps and shampoos, medications if they get sick and even surgery costs of accidents or health problems that dogs may face in their lives.

Disadvantage: Time commitment

Having a dog is a big responsibility. Requires invest a lot of time taking the dog for a walk to exercise regularly, make sure that feeds on time, bathe, play with him and give attention to keeping him happy. Dogs need your love and constant care, which requires substantial commitments of time on your part.

Disadvantage: Others

The house will need more cleaning because there will be lint, hair, smells, food waste and even urine or feces.

It can cause allergies and it is important to consider before an animal to be accommodated in the home.

You have to think about who will care for them when we are not at home. The holidays are organized taking into account that detail.

Implies an economic investment that must be considered. These are important, such as costs for maintenance, feeding, and care, vaccinations, vet visits, health insurance, toys, soaps, brushes, among other items expenses.

Below you will find more tips on this regards and I really suggest to watch these video comments and suggestions.


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benefits-of-owning-a-dog-infographic 5+ Advantages & Disadvantages of having a pet dog - tinoshare.com

benefits-of-owning-a-dog-infographic 5+ Advantages & Disadvantages of having a pet dog - tinoshare.com


  1. The pros and cons of owning a pet

    Having a pet can be very positive for the health of people, it helps them not feel alone, improve their relationships with others and physical health, as they tend to be more active. However, though we believe that our pet is part of the family, we must also bear in mind that it is still an animal and how such may be a risk to the health of their owners if appropriate measures are not followed. So then we show you the pros and cons of having a pet. The good news Experts say that having animalized company or pets, whatever they are, in homes can generate many benefits physical and emotional people who live with them, especially with a dog or a cat. According to the analysis of the Waltham Centre for Nutrition and Pet Care and other institutions, dog owners tend to perform much more physical exercise. “Having a pet on a whole dog is probably associated with alower risk of heart disease,” said Clenn N. Levine, professor of Medicine in Houston and co -author of a scientific statement about the influence of pets on health cardiovascular.

    According to the report, published in the journal Circulation of the American Heart Association, people with dogs have 54% more likely to achieve the recommended level exercise every day than those who do not, because they walk more and have more physical activity. Other studies have shown that over 60% of children are received in their homes for their pets when they arrive at school and in the minors of age with autism, they can bring countless benefits with respect to relations with the people around them. The researchers argue that minors who grow up with animals, show greater empathy and tend to be “popular ” among classmates, and to participate in activities such as sports, hobbies , clubs or tasks.

    The director of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the UNAM, Maria Elena Trujillo, noted that to the extent that the family has chosen to have only one child or that more and more old people, the existence of animals of company or pets allowed them improve their environment or facilitates the integration social. However, even though many people consider their pet as part of the family, we cannot be blind and stop having the care necessary to avoid damaging our health. The less good The head of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Martin Becerril, some people establish a tie affective with their pets and consider them a member of the family, however, they ignore the risk that they may go to bed , especially for those suffering from allergies.

    The specialist advised to cover pillows and mattresses with covers impermeable to prevent causing particles
    allergies penetrate inside, there cleaning constant in the house, in order to avoid the accumulation of dust and bathe frequently the pet, to reduce the risk. He said, allergy sufferers are susceptible to developing diseases such as rhinitis, asthma, conjunctivitis and atopic dermatitis. The symptoms such as watery eyes, runny nose or burning can be increased with the presence of pets at home, such as cats and dogs, because people breathe the particles emanating from their saliva, dander and hair.

  2. Very interesting article. I didn’t realize that one of the benefits of having a dog was that they keep you healthy. I can see why they would, especially if they like to get out of the house to play outside. I think that it is a good idea to have your dog associate with other dogs. I think that they could be more well behaved if they are social with other people as well.

  3. Great blog. Every dog owner should know about the advantages and disadvantages of having a dog. While owning a dog is a wonderful experience, just make sure you’re prepared for the responsibility. Before really purchasing a dog, consider fostering one for a half a month to get the feel for what kind of schedule you’ll have to keep.