5 Best Ways and Sollution to Open Your Own Online Shop


The online stores are one of the ways to make money online that do not fail. But if you’ve never ridden a physical store, or you have a small business and want to take it to the online world, certainly not knowing where to start creating your own online store, you are to the right place.

So in this post I want to introduce several possibilities to create your own online store easily, and I’ll recommend what is the best option according to the type of business you want to start on the Internet.

Top 5 platforms to mount shopping online


1. PayPal, the solution easier to create your online store

PayPal is the simplest way to start an online store if you sell a few products or services to start. You can integrate the payment button on a website, or receive payments through email. It requires very little work. [http://www.shopify.com/paypal]


Advantages of using PayPal for online shopping

  • It’s easy and fast.
  • You can sell products or services with a few simple options.
  • No need to create a web through the payment by email.

Disadvantages PayPal

  • It is not an online store itself, and therefore can not offer many options to your customers.


When to use PayPal?

I recommend using PayPal to create your online store if you do not have initial budget, if you want to experiment with a first draft of sale, or if you just want to start selling a few products or services (perhaps in your spare time).

Open an account, create a web page, and drop a PayPal buy button or ask to pay via email.


2. E – Junkie, a platform very complete yet simple

This platform is a product manager with which you can sell both physical items (clothes, food) as downloadable (e-books, digital photos). [www.ejunkie.com/]

Online Stores 5-Best-Ways-and-Sollution-to-Open-Your-Own-Online-Shop---tinoshare.com

Advantages of using E – Junkie for online shopping

  • No need to install any files, everything is “in the cloud”.
  • It is configured with a few clicks.
  • It is cheap (the minimum price is $ 5 a month), and not have to pay commission for each sale.
  • You have button cart, and allows payments with PayPal, Authorize.net, and 2Checkout Clickbank.
  • You can manage your inventory, and offer coupons and discounts.
  • It provides a system of newsletter for your customers.

Disadvantages of E – Junkie

  • It is not an online store but a store manager, so you should have a website or blog.

I recommend this platform if you’re selling digital products (mp3 or digital CDs, your own eBooks …) or affiliate items.


3. Woo Commerce, ideal if you know

WordPress and plugins

Woo Commerce is actually a plugin for WordPress blogs that converts these pages into a complete online store and very professional. [www.woothemes.com]

Online Stores 5-Best-Ways-and-Sollution-to-Open-Your-Own-Online-Shop---tinoshare.com

Benefits of using Woo Commerce for online shopping

  • You will have an online store with a very professional look.
  • You can manage your inventory, shipping , taxes, coupons, discounts, invoices …
  • Compatible with all types of payments : PayPal, bank deposits, payment to get the package, credit or debit card …
  • You can personalize and change the design to your own taste.
  • Selling all kinds of items, both downloadable and physical.

Disadvantages of Woo Commerce

  • Although Woo Commerce is free, the best templates are extra charged.
  • You must have knowledge of WordPress.
  • You need to hire a hosting to store files of Woo Commerce and template you choose.

When to use Woo Commerce?

I recommend this if you’re going to mount a shop selling many items (more than 15), if you have already contracted hosting (or if you have money to hire one, you can do it for less than $ 3 a month here ) and know something of WordPress.

With these features, it will only take about 5 minutes to set up your own shop. If you want to sell services (online counseling, teaching via the Internet) do not recommend that you start with Woo Commerce, better go with the first option PayPal.

4. Shopify, a fully option professional

Shopify is a platform for business and online stores really professional. [www.shopify.com]


Benefits of using Shopify for online shopping

  • Allows selling your products on Facebook.
  • It’s in the cloud, so you do not need to install files on your computer.
  • The hosting for file storage is included in the price.
  • Any hiring plan has a support bracket.
  • Accept payment in any currency of the world.

Disadvantages of Shopify

  • All hiring plans are extra charged, although the Starter (lowest) plan is only $ 14 a month.

When to use Shopify?

Shopify is a more professional and developed Woo Commerce platform, so ideal if you already have a small physical business, and want to expand your Internet sales.


5. Prestashop, a whole online store totally free

Prestashop is the ultimate solution that I present, but not the least important. It is a file package that you can install on your server completely free, but in return you have to configure everything alone. [https://www.prestashop.com/]


Benefits of using Prestashop for online shopping

  • You can include the amount of product you want.
  • Customizing the total.
  • Integration with Ebay.
  • It is available in several languages.
  • It’s easy to find developers to design your store Prestashop.

Disadvantages of Prestashop

  • If you have no knowledge of web design or online stores, you have to hire a developer to configure your trade.
  • Depending on the mode of Prestashop you choose, you’ll have to hire a hosting to store files.

When to use Prestashop?

As with Shopify, PrestaShop is ideal if you already have a business offline, and like to stretch the virtual world. But here you should have knowledge of web development, or have a good budget to hire a developer and give you support if a problem occurs.

Each case is different, and here I can not give an exact answer without knowing the details of your business idea (whether or not you have seed money, on what is going to treat your online store). But here I leave some general recommendations that can help you decide on one or the other platform.

  • If you are a freelancer (writer, web designer, translator, etc.) you want to give advice, or are a personal trainer: it is best that you make a web or basic blog, buy a domain, and put a couple of buttons of Paypal to sell your services by the hour.
  • If you want to sell digital products (your own eBooks or music) or affiliate products: Definitely I would choose to create a blog and manage it with E – Junkie.
  • If you want to sell physical products : choose Shopify (if you do not know much about install plugins and have $ 14 a month) or Woo Commerce (you need some knowledge of WordPress but is free).
  • If you want to sell physical products, and have no money early but yes computer skills : starting with Prestashop to be totally free, but remember the time you have to invest in setting up your store.

Hope this article was very useful and all the good ones to your next step :)