5 Habits That Will Help You Develop a Successful Business

5-habits-that-will-help-you-develop-a-successful-business tinoshare.com-blogowebgo.com
5-habits-that-will-help-you-develop-a-successful-business tinoshare.com-blogowebgo.com

Today we’ll meet a successful entrepreneur who wants to show the habits that are most important to develop a business successfully. We have a guest post by Alfonso Prim, founding partner of Innokabi, Lean Startup expert and trainer and business consultant. Do not lose detail of every idea!

It is curious to know entrepreneurs who are now multimillionaire  dollar companies, which once were all played to a letter and left them well, or at least is the story we’ve been told. The reality is that for every entrepreneur who has succeeded, there are hundreds who have fallen by the wayside. Think, goes pessimistic way to start a post, when the title includes the words ” successful business “.

I simply wanted to reflect, because even though the statistics are there, we have ways to limit and reduce the risks associated with the launch of an innovative project to market , full of uncertainty and doubts about whether it will or not. So cheer up, because achieving success is possible. That goes the post I have prepared for you; of how to develop a successful business with 5 habits that will help you along the way.

If you like the idea started …

They have always struck me people can anticipate what the future then confirmed with relative frequency. The myth of Steve Jobs , Nikola Tesla , Elon Musk and Richard Branson . They are people who can see trends over time when they are brewing. Somehow, they get to feel the particular energy that is generated around the beginning of a change and develop disruptive innovation in their sectors . It is a quality that I love and that only a few have shown.

It is for this reason that I started researching what habits are people like the founders of companies known worldwide, such as  Spotify, Airbnb, Quirky or Groupon  that have managed to be disruptive in industries as established as music, tourism, inventing new products or social shopping.

Not wanting to get into myths, I present some patterns I have found in all these great entrepreneurs, far from divine inspiration, successes are based on hard work, effort and dedication. Okay, and a pinch of luck.

These are the 5 habits that I propose to you that you too can build a successful company.

1. Pamper a party of searches

Google into a powerhouse of ideas, niche markets and information. Can you imagine Tesla and Edison with such a powerful tool in your hands as the Internet? We have a lot of information just a click away, so it is easiest to start there. Some entrepreneurs who have known, what they do for inspiration is to enter Google, aimlessly, to see where they come or what interesting things are on the network. At this time, they have dubbed ” search party “.

Truly, it is amazing what you can get using this simple technique. Start looking for a term that interests you or one that you have no idea, but you’ve heard recently in a conversation, in the newspaper or elsewhere. Look at Google simply the term. You can also use tools such as Google Trends or Google Correlator , which can help you to find profitable niche market in which to develop a business idea .Surely if you look with an open mind, just giving you information that can be very interesting.

2. The trick is to observe (and incidentally ask)

Undoubtedly, one of the usual pastimes of people who have managed to ride the wave of change, is the constant observation of what happens around them. What people talk when he’s with his friends? How the money is spent ?, What kind of people go to an event and why? What tools do you use? What are you complaining about? The answers to these questions can hide important trends around.

The founders of Spotify were able to observe how the habits of individuals with regard to the purchase of music were changing. The market trend indicated a decline in buying music and a rapid increase in the public interest to have the music they wanted at any time. They saw the trend of piracy in the network, such as a change in consumer behavior and not as a diabolical threat to the sector. 

3. Small results, big consequences

Another quality of the people who get ahead of what is to come, is to realize the importance of small actions that others may go unnoticed. To illustrate this, I will use the example of Groupon.  Groupon early in its history it was called The Point . It was a platform bringing together people for joint protests and political demonstrations. Users could propose a protest, for people to unite, to get X number of participants. If you managed to reach those X participants, the protest took place and if not, not.

Platform protests, was a disaster so they decided to switch to a social shopping platform. To do this, they did an experiment with the pizzeria that was under their offices and put an offer of 2 × 1 as a discount coupon online with the few hundred who already had registered the previous platform. That same day 20 people signed up to the offer of pizzas.

Groupon was able to see that little result, it meant the beginning of the company’s fastest achieved $ 1 trillion bill in the history of business. 

4. Being surrounded by sincere people

People who are conspicuous by their great ideas have generally been developing these ideas faster than its competitors. Think it is very difficult for one person in the world is having a completely original idea that no one else has thought. By chance, you’ll agree it’s very, very difficult. So why some entrepreneurs or companies succeed and launch their ideas before others? Simply because they have been able to test and validate the business market that idea before the rest.

Therefore, surround yourself with smart people I talk and discuss theories, business ideas or think you have found trends because customers are out there and not in your head.

Undoubtedly sincere feedback will serve as a filter. In 10 new ideas that you have, just one, you will have some meaning. So make sure you’re around people who do not mind giving you their honest opinion on any subject. The brightest minds in the world are not because they shine by themselves, but because they are surrounded by the best. 

5. Co-creation buzzword or reality?

it is a fact. Consumers increasingly, we like to be part of the products and services we use. Whether through Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin. Our comments about products, complaints, interaction with companies on social networks, increasingly, bring us closer to be co-creators of the products of tomorrow. It’s a trend we can not ignore. Even new venture and design methodologies as Lean StartUpEmerging Strategy and Design Thinking are based interaction and integration of customers in creating the final product.

For example, the founders of Airbnb were using its own service with its first customers since the beginning of the company. They slept in rooms that are rented through its platform and spoke with customers to design with them, which is now one of the top 10 Internet companies.

Another example is found with Qwirky , born as a platform of collaborative invention. Qwirky allows normal people invent and bring to market product ideas that otherwise would be impossible. Platform participants may propose inventions or participate in the development of the selected ideas. Thus, participating co-creating the final product and share in the benefits of subsequent sales according to their contribution. They are one of the companies which, in my opinion, better have successfully integrated the spirit of co-creation in the network.

Is a good habit to study where the big guys, which comments on social networks arise around them and above all, what occurs to us that we can improve every time we see a complaint or a problem that needs a solution.

I hope this post will serve to generate new habits that allow you to develop successful businesses.If not, at least, the entertainment is assured.

Alfonso Prim

Entrepreneur, expert in Lean Startup, trainer and management consultant, is a founding partner of Innokabi , consulting firms specializing in launching market , especially on the Internet.